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Here’s where to find all our BanG Dream! figures & merchandise in one place. Come take a look!
We’re thrilled to have added TONS of new items from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers—classy jewelry, key chains, pins, hoodies, bags, stationery & more.
Our latest batch of Love Live tapestries & collectibles will bring cheerful color to your walls and a smile to your face. Pre-order by the evening of Jan. 20 (PST) if you see one you really want!
This giveaway requires exchanging $10 TOM Points—but you’re guaranteed to get back a coupon worth the same amount or way more. Ten extra-lucky entrants will win $100 coupons!
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The latest Premium exclusive article offers a special peek at how TOM staff members would normally celebrate the New Year here in Japan, as well as what we did differently this time around.
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Granblue Fantasy Summer Collection Bag
08 Jan. 2021
Beach Girls
A bag full of goodies from all your favourite GBF girls in their summer attire. The contents are vibrant and colourful, like the bag itself. I ended up framing the clear files to go alongside the scroll. The fan is both practical and decorative, so you can use it or put it on display. I quite like the addition of the acrylic phone stand, which is useful!
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