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3/9 was Miku Day in Japan—which is why we got to add a bunch of Hatsune Miku items this past week. Browse super-cute new figures, collectibles & more! 🎵
A ton of pre-order figures landed at our warehouses the other day… including extra stocks of some figures that had been sold out for months. Take a look at what’s still available (they’re going fast)!
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Celebrate the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Rise with new plushies, T-shirts, and more!
New from Love Live: stunning tapestries & clear files, cute keychains, and more goodies featuring a wide variety of characters from Aqours, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club—and even the very latest school idol group, Liella.
Heads up! Just a few days left to nab these pieces from J-fashion brand Listen Flavor. (TOM Shop pre-orders will close on March 15 JST.)
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TOM Premium Exclusive
Keep an eye on those Premium bonus point deadlines! The end date for each new figure’s Premium-only bonus point period can be found listed right above its product description text…. as long as it hasn’t ended already. (Rest assured that everything you see can on the linked page does still come with bonus points, at least for now!)
Review of the Week
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Nendoroid Okami Amaterasu DX Ver.
09 Mar. 2021
Be careful with the rosary
I ended up with pain transfer from the rosary beads onto the Okami Nendoroid while testing it out, so be careful of that.

Outside of that, super cute ! The head attachment is a little awkward with the fur piece underneath, but once you figure it out it’s super easy.
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