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We don’t say this lightly.... but the past few days have brought an absolute downpour of new figures, such as the glorious Rem shown above. We really had to scramble to get their product pages set up in time!

PS. As usual, Premium members earn extra TOM Points on all these new pre-order figures. Happy browsing!
Weekly Highlights
Akihabara Premium Collection has designed a world-class selection of unique items inspired by GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045. One important point to keep in mind: these pieces will only be available for pre-order until the end of February (JST).
We’re delighted to introduce yet another round of beautiful new CLAMP 30th Anniversary merch! The latest drop includes home decor, collectible memorial pin sets, incredibly elegant full-color mugs, and a variety of items featuring the original artwork that inspired Good Smile’s newest Cardcaptor Sakura Nendoroid.
[Last Chance] IDOLiSH7 5th Anniversary Event merch pre-orders will close at 11:59 pm Feb. 7 (JST). Depending on when you see this message, there might be very little time left….!
The TOM Shop Valentine Sale keeps going strong! That said, the line-up might shrink a little over time as products sell out. Keep a close eye on anything that catches your interest!
TOM Premium Exclusive
Here’s another way to celebrate the Valentine season: check out a TOM Premium exclusive rotation of FREE romance titles on MANGA.CLUB, with 1 new free volume added weekly.
Review of the Week
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Figure-rise Labo Gundam Build Fighters Try Fumina Hoshino: The Second Scene
28 Jan. 2021
Turns out like the photo
Very pleased that the model turned out just like the photo. Usually to get a model to look like the picture, lots of airbrushing and high-level techniques are needed but this model comes shaded and requires no decals. That being said, someone who has never built a model may have trouble removing the model from the runners without damaging it and may find it expensive. Veteran model builders will appreciate the unique plastic forming technique but find the model boring because of how easy it goes together. 5/5
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