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We’re now accepting entries for a giveaway of this intense & eye-catching Emilia figure—a true collection centerpiece. All TOM members are invited to enter, and it just takes a few seconds!
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More new figures means more opportunities for Premium members to earn bonus TOM Points. (Up to 15% cash back if you’re a renewed Premium member!) Go here to browse the line-up—and keep a close eye on the bonus point end dates listed on each product page.
Good news for Medicom Toy fans! We’ve just added a new wave of BE@RBRICK. Supplies are quite limited, however, which means that pre-orders will close as soon as we sell out.
In terms of anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba was by far our most-viewed product label over the past month (followed by Re:Zero and Jujutsu Kaisen). So we’re extra happy that a good number of new Demon Slayer items went up for pre-order this week. Check ‘em out!
As for individual characters, Hatsune Miku has been the most-viewed character on the TOM Shop every single month for year after year after year (no exaggeration). Take a look through her current selection, and maybe you’ll start to understand why!
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[Premium Member Exclusive Article] Meet the head of TOM’s warehouse operations and go on a deep dive to learn more about international shipping challenges during the pandemic. Special bonus: the article includes photos offering a rare glimpse inside our Japan warehouse!
Review of the Week
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ArtFX J Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Marik (Re-run)
11 May 2021
I Summon the Winged Dragon of Raaa!
Growing up, Yami Marik was my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh character and a fine villain. The 4kids dub made him seem much better than a show that was designated for children! Either way this is one of the only figures I know for him and it's amazing. It's alot bigger than I expected and for only like 80 dollars, an absolute steal. Must have for any Yu-Gi-Oh or Yami Marik fan
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