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Golden Week is a big block of public holidays in Japan. This year we’re celebrating with extra points on all TOM Shop products: 15X Points for Premium members and 5X for all other members. (Better yet, Premium members can get 25X Points on new pre-order figures!)
Weekly Highlights
The Golden Week promo is also a great time to load up on DLsite Points (usable on DLsite’s vast selection of Japanese games & way more). Although TOM Points can’t be used while purchasing these, you will earn extra TOM Points on them.
Here’s our Best Seller ranking for the past month. Take a look to see which items came out on top!
Yeah, we say this a lot… but we really are extremely happy & impressed with the recent increase in low-price, high-quality figures. Although we strive to keep these available for as long as possible, be warned that the most popular characters do tend to sell out during their pre-order period.

One last tip: Try filtering by release month (as well as by warehouse location, if you’re in the US or Canada) to find wallet-friendly figures that can ship together!
TOM Premium Exclusive
Yet another opportunity to earn TOM Points! Premium members receive $0.50 points per product review (regardless of how you rate the item—as long as the review follows our basic content guidelines). If you’ve got any recently-arrived items, why not take a moment to get caught up?
Review of the Week
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BiCute Bunnies Figure Super Sonico
14 Apr. 2021
A steal at this price!
So far this entire Bicute line of figures has over delivered at the current wallet friendly price point. SuperSonico is no exception, the paint, sculpt, concept and size makes this a great overall value! FYI the fishnet seams turned out much better than they appear on the prototype. They are certainly not perfect but they are nowhere near as bulky and messy either.
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