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OtapediaNamirin (*Namirin) - VTuber

Namirin is a former utaite turned VTuber in 2021. She is bilingual, fluently performing songs and holding chat streams in Japanese or English depending on her audience. Her dream is to turn her singing hobby into a lifelong career.

Namirin Background

Namirin, stylized as *namirin, is a bilingual Japanese American VTuber and singer. She began posting song covers on YouTube in 2010 under the name Nami. She's known for her sweet, clear singing voice with a fast-paced, delicate vibrato. In February 2021, she debuted as a 2D modeled VTuber.

Namirin History

Namarin launched her YouTube channel in January 2010. The following year, she started her Twitter and NicoNico Douga accounts, both under the name Nami. Over the next three years, she steadily built her reputation within the utaite community. In 2014, she started contributing vocals and English lyric translations to collaboration albums, such as I am a PEN. by Goodbye Meat. In 2015, she officially changed her name to *namirin on all platforms.

She started moving toward a professional singing career in 2017. She released her first mini-album, 5colors, on April 30, 2017. In October that year, Namirin licensed the entire album to the rhythm game Osu! and joined their staff as a featured artist. Her second mini-album, Koishiteiku Planet, came out on April 27, 2018. In 2020, Namirin increased her activity on YouTube with regular singing and gaming streams. She officially debuted as a VTuber in February 2021 after unveiling her 2D motion capture model. As of May 2021, Namirin has over 270,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 18,500 followers on Twitter.

Namirin Physical Description

Namirin has used an anime-style avatar for her song covers since her debut. By 2014, she finalized her general appearance still used in her 2D model. She is a youthful anime-style girl with long coral-colored hair styled in a high side ponytail. Her default outfit features an ocean motif, including a hibiscus flower tucked in her hair. She wears a ruffled bikini top featuring teal, blue, and white layers, mimicking the appearance of a wave. Her matching mini skirt is held in place with a thick, navy belt adorned with an orange bow below her waist. Orange and white bows repeat throughout the outfit, along with seashell accents.

Namirin Personality

Namirin has a lively, outgoing personality and likes to joke around with her fans. While she presents herself as bubbly and easygoing, she is proactive and ambitious. Born and raised in Hawaii, Namirin moved to Tokyo in 2019 to pursue her career in the Japanese music industry. She is an avid fan of VTubers and utaite, particularly the utaite Kano. While she is fluent in Japanese, she struggles with writing kanji and tweets about her embarrassing kanji mistakes in Japan.

Associated Company

As of May 2021, Namirin is not affiliated with a label or agency and operates as an independent artist. She supports her content through a Patreon account accessible via Twitter and YouTube.

Notable Releases/Videos

As a bilingual performer, Namirin mostly sings Japanese songs. However, she tends to use English when doing gaming or chat streams. She streams around two or three times per week and announces her schedule via Twitter.

Renai Circulation

Namirin gained widespread notoriety for her cover of the Bakemonogatari opening theme "Renai Circulation." Though only used for two episodes, the song became a massive hit with anime fans. From 2009 through 2010, the song was a popular subject for singing and dancing covers on the NicoNico Douga app. However, many videos were taken down due to copyright complaints by Aniplex. Posted on July 6, 2017, Namirin's cover uses the opening sequence as a backdrop and sings the song with a striking similarity to the original artist, Hanazawa Kana. Many viewers commented that they believed her version was the original clip reposted on her channel. The cover is her most popular video with over 88 million views as of May 2021.


Since debuting as a VTuber, Namirin has increased the frequency of her gaming streams. Since joining as a featured artist, she regularly practices the rhythm game Osu! on the beginner level. Namirin expanded her activity to include more popular VTuber games, such as Fall Guys and Tetris 99. Most of her gaming streams are one-offs. However, she has started longer series streams to document her practice. As of May 2021, Namirin is a new fan of APEX Legends, though she admits her lack of skills. While she usually speaks English during gaming streams, she will switch to Japanese depending on the language used in the chat.


"*namistream" is the general name Namirin coined for her live stream activities. She developed the term through her tendency to combine the first half of her name with other words, such as "naminoob." She uses the name with a hashtag to distinguish her streams from edited cover videos. Starting in March 2021, Namirin began a weekly singing series streamed on Saturday or Sunday Japan Standard Time. She announces her stream times on Twitter a few hours before going live.

Other Activities

In 2019, Namirin sang the vocals on the third ending theme for the Amazon Prime anime Babylon.


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