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Murasaki Shion is a member of Hololive 2nd Generation that debuted on YouTube in August 2018. Her smug and often overconfident personality made her stand out against many other VTubers and has led her to reach nearly 700,000 subscribers as of early 2021.

Murasaki Shion Background

Murasaki Shion is one of the many VTubers that is managed by Hololive Productions and is often seen streaming a variety of different games like Minecraft, but generally prefers games published by Nintendo. That said, Shion also holds karaoke streams and celebration streams for things like debut anniversaries, birthdays, and costume reveals.

Murasaki Shion History

Murasaki Shion made her original YouTube debut on August 17th, 2018, and introduced herself as a black magician from a powerful family. Approximately a year after her debut, she would receive a 3D model, her first alternative costume, and a 3D swimsuit costume as well. Her first major subscriber milestone, 100,000 subscribers, was reached on December 31st, 2019, just before the beginning of the new year. In 2020, her channel would begin to gain a significant amount of traction and went from 100,000 subscribers to 500,000 by the end of the year. During this time, Shion would also receive a revised Live2D model and another outfit as well.

Murasaki Shion Physical Description

Murasaki Shion is a young girl with orange and green eyes and long grey hair that is partially worn in a side bun. Her main outfit consists of a long-sleeved, black and white striped shirt that leaves her stomach exposed, matching knee-high socks, and a black and purple mantle that is tied around her neck with a pink bow decorated with a golden star. She also wears a traditional witch’s hat that is colored black and purple and accented with a green checkerboard pattern along its base.

She also has several alternative costumes that she can use with her 2D model. The first is a more casual dress that is made up of a black and purple vest with long, white sleeves and a matching skirt with crescent moons lining the bottom. Her hair is also worn in a pair of buns and has a cat ear hairband with green yin and yang symbols on it. Her most recent outfit is a gothic lolita-style dress that is mostly black but is accented by layers of red and purple cloth. It also has a very pronounced cat theme, as the sleeves of the outfit are shaped to look like cats, and Shion herself has a cat tail and a pair of cat ears.

Murasaki Shion Personality

Among the Hololive community, Shion is almost universally known for her smug, confident nature. She often likes playing pranks and other jokes on other members that she collabs with, though generally only with members that she is fairly close with and those that know that it is all in good fun. One such friend is Minato Aqua, another member from Hololive’s 2nd Generation that is known for her clumsiness and luck. These two have a long-running friendly rivalry and are often seen pranking each other.

Associated Company

Murasaki Shion is a member of Hololive Production, an agency that is owned by Cover Corporation. Although the company originally developed AR and VR software, its CEO, Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo, was inspired by the previous success of other virtual characters like Kizuna Ai and Hatsune Miku and created the VTuber agency to produce “virtual idols”. Although most members are allowed to stream individually, members of Hololive also participate in other large-scale events and collaborations that are planned by the company. Such examples include live concerts and collaborations with other companies like Nissin and Lawson.

Notable Series

Although Shion enjoys playing a variety of different Nintendo games, one of her most recurring series of streams of her Mario Kart 8 Deluxe matches. Aside from these, however, Shion also sometimes participates in offline collaborations with other members where they play classic Nintendo games together.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Shion often plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fairly regularly and has several streams of this game that are decently popular. Most of the time, these streams allow viewers to participate in matches along with Shion and compete against her. Sometimes Shion also imposes challenges on herself as well, like ending her stream as soon as she gets anything below a given position in a race.

Offline Nintendo Game Collaborations

While many VTubers participate in collaborations with other VTubers, they are generally done via online chatting services like Discord. An “offline” collaboration, however, involves all members being in the same location, often someone’s house. Shion has done several offline collaborations with members like Minato Aqua, but one of her most popular is her Mario Tennis 64 stream with Houshou Marin (Marine). Although the stream was planned to start at a specific time, both Marine and Shion accidentally overslept for over 4 hours. In that time, Shirakami Fubuki held her own stream where she offered play-by-play-style commentary to see who would wake up first. Fubuki’s stream eventually gained 60,000 concurrent viewers and made the situation trending on Twitter, turning what would have been an inconvenience to fans into a memorable moment for the entirety of Hololive.


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