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Amamiya Kokoro charms her fans with her genuine wholesome personality. While not the most talented gamer, Amamiya tries her best to improve and have fun with her viewers. Her new default design, highlighting her childish frame, earned her a wider audience that continues to grow over time.

Amamiya Kokoro Background

Amamiya Kokoro is a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. According to her official profile, Amamiya grew up as a shrine maiden with the ability to communicate with dragons. After she came of age, she left her sheltered life and became a VTuber to learn about the world. She tends to stream on weekdays from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm Japan Standard Time.

Amamiya Kokoro History

Amamiya made her YouTube debut on August 13, 2019. She celebrated her first subscriber milestone in November 2019, reaching 50,000. Nijisanji celebrated her milestone with a new default costume on February 24, 2020. The new outfit was a departure from her backstory as a shrine maiden and instead focused on her childlike personality. In November 2020, Amamiya held a singing live stream in an effort to reach 200,000 subscribers. She made her goal in two hours. As of April 2021, Amamiya has over 270,000 YouTube subscribers and over 240,000 followers on Twitter.

Amamiya Kokoro Physical Description

Amamiya is a short young woman with long, royal blue hair and golden yellow eyes. In her debut design, she wore her hair in high twin tails tied with white ribbons and large golden bells. She wore an ornate white dress, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese designs. The dress ballooned at the bottom with layers of white and blue skirt ruffles underneath. She has a small patch of light blue scales on her left leg peeking out from the top of her sock.

In her current design, Amamiya wears a blue-gray lolita-style school uniform. Embellishments on the dress include a ruffled, high-neck collar, bolero-style shrug layer over double-breasted gold buttons, and a dragon crest. She wears her hair primarily down with two half ponytails adorned with her trademark gold bells. As part of the uniform, she also wears a navy blue beret slouched back behind her ponytails.

Amamiya Kokoro Personality

Amamiya has a hardworking, honest personality. However, she is not overly serious and wants to experience as much of the world outside her shrine as possible. Even though she's been active with Nijisanji for over 18 months, Amamiya still refers to herself as a newcomer with much to learn. She constantly strives to better herself, even taking the time to learn English in hopes of increasing her viewers. Amamiya has close friendships with several Nijisanji VTubers and tries her hardest to be a good friend. She gave singing lessons to Ars Almal before the latter's 3D model debut song, helping to cure her of her tone-deafness. Ars commented that Amamiya's coaching was so sweet she was nearly brought to tears.

Notable Games and Series

Amamiya is a casual gamer and plays mostly titles popular among VTubers. She regularly categorizes her videos in playlists and organizes her content by console.


Pokemon is Amamiya's favorite gaming franchise. She started her channel streaming Pokemon Platinum, in which she revealed her Gyarados naming theme and Pokemon impressions. She participated in the 2019 Nijisanji Pokemon Sword and Shield competition and finished in the top 18. Amamiya expanded her Pokemon gameplay to include Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, played on Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2 complete her Pokemon series streams to date. Each stream lasts around 90 minutes to two hours in length during her regular streaming time.

PC Games

Amamiya started her channel playing primarily PC Games, like Minecraft and Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby. One of her longest-running series features Amamiya playing the popular VTuber game Mahjong Soul. She participated in the Nijisanji Mahjong Soul tournament in April 2020. Despite her newcomer status, Amamiya ended up progressing to the tournament's semifinals.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Most of Amamiya's group memberships relate to her debut within Nijisanji.


Posanke is Amamiya's debut group name along with Ratna Petit and Eli Conifer. Together, Posanke builds together on the Nijisanji Minecraft server and appears in each other's streams for various collaborations. For their first anniversary, the group covered "Step by Step Up" by fourfolium.


J-2, pronounced "Ji no Ni" in Japanese, is a large group of VTubers in Nijisanji. Members include Amamiya, Ratna Petit, Eli Conifer, Hakase Fuyuki, Kagami Hayato, Mayuzumi Kai, Ars Almal, and Alba Uiha. These VTubers all debuted in the late summer of 2019. The group often plays large multiplayer games together, such as Mario Kart and Splatoon 2. Each member hosts some of the videos in their collaboration on their respective channel.

Other Activities

While Amamiya primarily plays games, she branches out when participating in collaborations. She sings in group performances, particularly in the group Lily Crown with Yorumi Rena, Shiina Yuika, and Takamiya Rion.


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