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Aki Rosenthal is a member of the Hololive 1st Generation and made her first debut in June 2018. Although she had a notably rough start during the beginning of her career as a VTuber, Aki Rosenthal eventually managed to find her own niche among the VTuber community and has reached nearly half a million subscribers as of early 2021.

Aki Rosenthal Background

Aki Rosenthal (which is sometimes simply shortened to Aki Rose) is a Japanese VTuber with a notably soothing voice and calm, mature demeanor, which makes her ASMR and karaoke streams some of the most popular videos on her channel.

Aki Rosenthal History

Unlike most other VTubers, Aki Rose made her first debut on June 1st, 2018 on Mirrativ -- a streaming app made specifically for smartphones. The reason for first debuting on Mirrativ over YouTube was simply that Aki Rose did not have a computer that was capable of streaming on another platform. That said, she eventually did have her YouTube debut around a week later. In December 2018, Aki Rose was involved in a traffic accident that required her to take a two-month hiatus from streaming. After recovering from her injuries, she resumed her VTuber activities on February 9th, 2019. Later that year in June, she revealed her 3D model. On July 29th, Aki Rose would also receive an updated Live2D model along with the other older members of Hololive, which resulted in better facial tracking and animation.

Aki Rosenthal Physical Description

Aki Rosenthal refers to herself as a half-elf, half-siren girl from a dimension that is not our own. She has shoulder-length blond hair and bluish eyes. Her main outfit consists of a blue and white uniform with a red pleated tie, long white gloves, and a pair of black thigh-high socks. Several aspects of her design are decorated with bright green lights, which add a futuristic flair to her design. Perhaps her most unique characteristic, however, is her detached, floating pair of twintails.

Aki Rose also has several alternate costumes that have been made for her throughout her career. Her first extra outfit is a pair of two-piece pajamas that is covered by a loose, ruffled blue robe that matches her main outfit. These pajamas also come with one white thigh-high sock and a pair of blue slippers. Her New Year’s outfit combines both traditional Japanese and Western styles of clothing and includes a blue kimono decorated with red flowers, a long, dark red pleated skirt, and a cream-colored apron. Like other members like Akai Haato and Houshou Marine, Aki Rose also received a gothic lolita-style outfit.

Aki Rosenthal Personality

Many fans of Aki Rose enjoy her streams because of her calming and relaxed personality. Most of the time, she is seen as a caring older sister type of character by those in the community, though she has notable bouts of clumsiness at times. Aki Rose has a notable love of cooking and alcohol and is not afraid to enjoy either of them as she streams. Ironically enough, Aki Rose is also known for making dirty jokes at times, which contrasts with what newer viewers might expect from her. Aside from these things, however, Aki Rose also quite enjoys music, particularly when it comes to percussion. She has her own drum set in her home and has even held a few drumming streams despite having little experience in playing herself.

Associated Company

Aki Rosenthal is a VTuber from Hololive Productions, a VTuber agency that is owned by Cover Corporation. Cover Corporation is a company that used to create software related to AR and VR technology but eventually changed its focus to creating virtual idols after its CEO, Motoaki Tango, noticed the success of other virtual characters like Kizuna Ai. Today, Hololive manages over fifty individual VTubers and is considered to be one of the most successful VTuber agencies in the world.

Notable Releases

To date, some of Aki Rosenthal’s most notable content includes her ASMR streams. That said, many might attribute a large amount of her success to her ARK: Survival Evolved streams as well.

ASMR Streams

Ever since her debut, Aki Rosenthal was known for her ASMR content because of her soothing voice. Her ASMR streams also have quite a wide range of themes as well and can range anywhere from simple soft talking to playing calming instruments like the kalimba and even dishwashing. Although much of her streams consisted of ASMR content earlier in her career, many attribute ASMR as the reason some Hololive members’ channels were demonetized for a brief period of time, resulting in Aki Rose doing fewer ASMR streams.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival crafting game that gained great popularity among Hololive members after it was introduced to them by Kiryu Coco. Aki Rose first streamed the game on March 1st, 2020. This stream went viral among fans due to the creation of “Mukiroze”, Aki Rose’s in-game character. The contrast between Aki Rose’s calm, feminine personality and the extremely gruff and muscular ARK character quickly spread as a meme throughout the Hololive community. Eventually, Mukiroze became known for completing simple tasks in nearly impossible ways, like befriending creatures with nothing but their bare fists. These streams also gave Aki Rose’s channel a fairly significant boost of growth as well.


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