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Inuyama Tamaki is an adorable, crossdressing, male VTuber! Inuyama is a part of NoriPro and was created by popular manga artist Tsukudani Norio. He is one of few crossdressing VTubers and is beloved for his carefree bright personality.

Inuyama Tamaki Background

Inuyama Tamaki is the original member of NoriPro. His voice actor, Tskudani Norio, actually created NoriPro. The unique aspect of Inuyama is that he reflects Norio’s real personality. With over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube, he is very popular. His youtube channel is filled with countless collaborations with other VTubers, as well as many songs and song covers. Inuyama also does casual conversational streams, live gaming streams, ASMR streams, cooking, and more.

Inuyama Tamaki History

Inuyama Tamaki’s creator, Norio Tsukudani, is a popular manga artist most notably known for her series, Himegoto. Himegoto follows the story of a young boy who is forced to crossdress in his high school. A theme that seemed to carry into the creation of Inuyama Tamaki.

Inuyama Tamaki was originally released on June 1, 2017. He was designed as an original character for Norio Tsukudani’s Fanclub. The character was mostly used as an illustration for merchandise and for her original CD. On September 22, 2018, however, he made his debut as a VTuber on Youtube. By March of 2019, Tamaki had over 100,000 subscribers, and has over 600,000 currently! On March 17, 2020, a new 3D design was released, featuring a maid costume.

Fans can also visit Inuyama’s Twitter account and his Bilibili page. His Bilibili page was officially created on December 31, 2018. By August 27, 2019, the Bilibili page had exceeded 200,000 fans and currently has over 400,000!

Inuyama Tamaki Physical Description

Inuyama is a 17-year-old male who dresses as a girl. In his original design, he is seen with shoulder-length pale blue hair with bangs. It’s tied up in two half pigtails and fashioned with an animal character hat. Inuyama has bright orange upturned eyes and a small canine is visible. He is dressed in a pink-colored sailor-style uniform with long sleeves and a short navy skirt. He also wears thigh-high stockings and multiple bow-shaped clips in his hair. Behind him, a little dog tail is visible. Inuyama says that the tail is real.

Inuyama has multiple different character designs including a maid outfit, a summer outfit, a casual outfit, and a china dress. In his maid outfit, he is seen with long hair tied up in pigtails and the same hair clips. He is wearing a white and baby blue maid outfit and white thigh-high stockings. The dog tail is still visible. The animal character she originally wore as a hat is featured as a part of the apron in this design.

Inuyama Tamaki Personality

Inuyama Tamaki’s personality is essentially that of his creator and voice actor, Tsukudani Norio. He is seen with a generally carefree and bright disposition. A nickname used by fans is Tamakins. He often makes jokes and hints at suggestive topics indirectly. He has stated before that he also had a masochistic side and claims to be somewhat neurotic. Inuyama has a deep knowledge of Internet memes and often references them in his streams.

Inuyama’s hobbies include singing and egosurfing. Egosurfing is searching the internet for your own name. He loves steak and sushi, his favorite color is light blue, and his favorite subject is art. He claims to be bad at English. Oftentimes before his streams, Inuyama gets stomach aches.

Associated Company

Inuyama is under the VTuber agency, Noripro. Noripro was founded by the very creator and voice actor of Inuyama, Tsukudani Norio. Noripro’s first release was Inuyama Tamaki but now has nine other VTubers under their belt. Some popular affiliated Vtubers include Yuzur Himesaki and Enomiya Milk.

Notable Releases/Videos

The majority of Inuyama’s videos are collaborations with other VTubers and he has connections with many VTuber agencies. He often invites others for one on one conversations or sometimes group discussions. Some VTubers that regularly appear on his channel are Haneru Inaba, Runyu Lucia, and Kagura Mea. A popular segment is his three-person interviews. He uploads daily, and on the days that he cannot arrange for collaborations, he still uploads short videos.

Tamaki Inuyama is a wonderful singer and often does song covers. Not only song covers, but he actually has two albums with original songs. These albums are “Norio Ikure!” and “My God” His most popular video on youtube is his cover of “Dramaturgy” by Eve.


Inuyama Tamaki’s creator, Tsukudani Norio, is a manga artist. Due to this, there is a lot of official doujinshi of the VTuber available for sale.

Also available is a figurine of Inuyama himself. The Virtual YouTuber Inuyama Tamaki 1/7 Scale Figure stands at 9 inches and features Inuyama in his china dress outfit. His hair is tied up in two buns with ribbons. He is wearing a blue and gold china dress accepted with ruffles on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. There is a small heart-shaped hole on the chest area of the dress. He is wearing white thigh-high stockings with blue detailing and blue shoes. He is posing in an adorable cat pose and his tail is seen in the back.


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