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Natsumi Moe is an English-speaking VTuber that is considered to be a member of “Eilene’s Family” and a part of ICETEA, a company owned by a VTuber named Eilene that includes several other VTubers.

Natsumi Moe Background

Prior to her debut as a VTuber, Natsumi Moe was a character named OkakuMOE that sometimes appeared in videos made by Eilene along with other characters like Beno and Beilene. In these videos, Moe was not voiced by a person, but rather a digital voicebank, similar to a Vocaloid or Voiceroid. After becoming a VTuber, she would gain her own voice and begin uploading edited videos of gameplay highlights and other comedic videos that highlight Moe’s unique sense of humor.

Natsumi Moe History

Although she had made several appearances as a character in Eilene’s videos, Moe would make her debut as a VTuber on July 30th, 2018, and was introduced by Yomemi, who claimed that Moe was her older sister. A few months after her original YouTube debut, Moe would receive a 3D model of her avatar, which she would come to prefer over using her original 2D avatar. On November 15th, Moe would make her first appearance on Twitch, a site that she continues to use to this day for streaming. Up until June 23rd, 2019, Moe’s videos would have both English and Japanese subtitles, though she would announce that they would no longer be hardsubbed into the video, as she and her team wanted to focus on uploading more content. From that point on, she would rely on community-created subtitles, allowing her fans to create subtitles in both Japanese and other languages like German, Chinese, and Korean. As of April 2021, Moe continues to upload videos to her YouTube account and stream on her Twitch page.

Natsumi Moe Physical Description

Natsumi Moe is a female university student with blue hair and gray eyes. Although she would receive a variety of different accessories and outfits, her main original costume includes a fairly standard school uniform that consists of a white top with a black collar, a blue plaid bow on the chest, a black and blue pleated skirt, blue and black striped detached sleeves, white thigh-high socks, and a pair of black boots with white straps on them. Her hair is also worn tied up in short, loose twin tails that rest over her shoulders. One side of her bangs is also held up with a golden hair clip that is made up of the letters that spell out “MOE”.

Throughout her VTuber career, Moe would show a variety of different accessories and additional outfits for her 3D model, which includes things like a Japanese elementary schooler’s uniform, a white and blue sundress with a wide-brimmed straw hat, a detective’s outfit themed after Sherlock Holmes, and many more. She would also get a few costumes inspired for specific games like Hollow Knight, Doki Doki Literature Club, and The Witch’s House.

Natsumi Moe Personality

When it comes to Moe’s personality, she is very unrestrained when it comes to speaking her mind and often says things without worrying about what most people would think of her. She often likes to swear in her videos and uses a lot of internet and anime meme culture in her videos and streams, whether it be “UwU-speak”, edits of the gag series Poputepipikku (Pop Team Epic), or the concept of “moe” as a play on her name. Her humor also leads her to use plenty of red herrings or clickbait in her video titles and thumbnails, which has resulted in several “Goodbye” and apology videos. Aside from her gameplay videos, Moe has also shown herself to be quite experienced with photo editing software and has created several videos of her creating humorous edits.

Associated Company

Natsumi Moe is affiliated with ICETEA, a company that is owned and run by Eilene and includes a variety of VTubers like Yomemi and Moemi Yomeno. Eilene is sometimes considered one of the first VTubers and began making videos in 2014 -- well before VTubers truly began becoming popular. At one time, Eilene was associated with ENTUM, a VTuber agency owned by DUO Inc., which manages some popular VTubers like Mirai Akari and Nekomiya Hinata. In 2018, however, Eilene would break off from ENTUM to create ICETEA. While Natsumi Moe, Moemi Yomeno, and Yomemi were some of ICETEA’s first VTubers, other members in groups like H.LIVE and the Eilene Academy were added in the following years.

Notable Releases

While Moe uploads a wide variety of content on her channel, some of her most popular content includes her 360° VR videos and her gameplay highlights.

360° VR Videos

These VR videos are by far some of Moe’s most viewed content and can range anywhere from acting out various scenarios to ASMR. While some of her VR scenario videos are fairly tame, like her “ASMR To Help You Sleep” videos, most of them are what many would consider to be a bit strange compared to what other VTubers would create. Some of these examples include Moe acting as a nurse performing various checkups, Moe beating up the viewer, Moe attempting to comfort a dying viewer in the middle of a war, and Moe acting as a young little sister.

Gameplay Highlights

Since her debut, gameplay highlights made up a significant portion of the content that Moe has uploaded on her channel. Many of these videos are between ten and thirty minutes in length and show Moe playing various games like Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and Minecraft. Although she does not stream on her YouTube channel very often, Moe hosts streams on her Twitch channel multiple times a week and will sometimes release highlights of these Twitch streams on her YouTube channel as well.


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