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Yozora Mel is a member of Hololive’s 1st Generation and made her debut on YouTube in May 2018. She has since charmed many viewers with her lovely voice and sweet, caring character. Although several members of Hololive had debuted before Mel, she was the first Hololive VTuber to have a Live2D model, a trend that would follow for nearly all Hololive members that followed.

Yozora Mel Background

Yozora Mel is a young female vampire Vtuber that is known for her ASMR and chatting streams. Although is generally viewed as being kind and innocent, she has times where her provocative vampiric sideshows, particularly when she is with Yuzuki Choco, a female demon Vtuber and close friend of Mel.

Yozora Mel History

Yozora Mel made her debut on May 13th, 2018 on YouTube and introduced herself as a vampire that disliked drinking blood. Following her debut, viewers became charmed by her often intimate ASMR streams and heartwarming chats. From December 2019 to June 2020, however, Mel was forced to go on a hiatus. Although she uploaded content periodically, her channel was largely inactive for this period of time. Mel and Hololive eventually released a statement that explained the reason for the hiatus and that Mel was the target of a harassment campaign that was led by someone she knew from her personal life. After police became involved, the matter was eventually settled and Mel began streaming regularly on June 24th, 2020. Since her original debut, Mel has received an updated Live2D model, several alternate costumes, and a 3D model as well.

Yozora Mel Physical Description

Although she has the appearance of a regular human, Yozora Mel is a vampire with short yellow hair and matching yellow eyes. Her main outfit consists of a fairly revealing white, black, and orange top with detached yellow sleeves that leave her stomach and shoulders exposed and a matching skirt. The skirt is decorated with multi-colored bows while her sleeves have small bat wings attached to them which, along with her prominent fang, helps enforce her vampiric design.

Mel also received a New Year’s outfit for New Year’s Day on January 1st, 2020. This red and purple kimono comes with a long, ankle-length purple pleated skirt and long sleeves that are decorated with bat wings and star shapes. Mel’s hair is also notably longer with this outfit and is tied into two braids with black ribbons. This outfit also includes a pair of glasses that have a thin, circular frame.

Yozora Mel Personality

Despite being a vampire, Mel has noted that she dislikes blood and would much rather drink acerola juice instead. She is also generally known for her kindhearted and pure personality, which greatly contrasts what most viewers would expect from the stereotypical vampire. That said, she does have times where her more charming vampiric tendencies show. Ironically enough, during the first stream, after her hiatus ended, YouTube blocked Mel’s stream twice for allegedly violating its Terms of Service. Since she and some fans believed that the cause of the bans were because of her rather revealing outfit, she covered much of her upper body with a solid black bar. After this, Mel also received the nickname “Ban-pire”. No matter the struggles she goes through, however, Mel cares greatly for her viewers and has stated that she enjoys hosting chatting streams because it allows her to interact with them more.

Associated Company

Yozora Mel is one of the many different Vtubers that are managed by Hololive Productions. This agency is owned by Cover Corporation and manages other popular Vtubers like Shirakami Fubuki, Gawr Gura (Gauru Gura), and Inugami Korone. Although many members of Hololive primarily stream on YouTube, they also often sing original songs and occasionally participate in live concerts. In February 2021, Hololive held “Bloom”, a concert that contained nothing but original Hololive music.

Notable Releases

Although Mel got her start by largely making ASMR videos, a discussion that ASMR content was leading to members getting demonetized caused Mel to private many of her earlier videos, though she still hosts some ASMR streams in recent times. Today, many streams she hosts are joined by other Vtubers and can include a variety of different games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

In early 2021, Mel participated in several large-scale Mario Kart 8 tournaments that featured Vtubers from both inside and outside of Hololive. One such tournament was the “Hololive New Year’s Cup”, which was planned and hosted by Tokoyami Towa. Members were separated into three different blocks that each held qualifying matches to decide who would participate in the final round of races. Like many other members, Mel streamed practice matches leading up to the tournament itself and streamed her individual perspective on her channel.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with Watson Amelia

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game centered around the idea of bomb defusal and requires precise communication between the person holding the bomb defusal manual and the person actually defusing the bomb. On January 28th, 2021, Mel and Watson Amelia from Hololive-EN held a collaborative stream together where they attempted to overcome the language barrier between them despite a lack of skill in each other’s respective language. The unique methods the two came up with to overcome this divide proved to be quite entertaining for viewers, as it remains as one of her most popular streams to this day.


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