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Suzuka Utako has a reputation as one of the most "dangerous" VTubers in Nijisanji. Her sweet face and motherly aura obscure her perverse interests and obsession with young boys. However, she is also a talented actor and creative performer, producing massive amounts of entertaining original content.

Suzuka Utako Background

Suzuka Utako is a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. She debuted during the company's second wave. Through streaming, she wishes to bring joy and a sense of well-being to younger viewers as "the singing older sister." Suzuka streams or posts videos to her channel at least once or twice per week.

Suzuka Utako History

Suzuka debuted via a Mirratv live stream on March 13, 2018. She reuploaded the stream on her YouTube channel on March 28. In August 2018, she unveiled her 50,000 subscribers commemorative costume, a wedding dress, during a live stream. Suzuka started 2019 by celebrating her 100,000 subscriber milestone. In June 2019, she released her first, self-composed original song, "Will You Marry Me?" She released her second original song, "Thank U, Babys," on August 25, 2020. On January 11, 2021, she held a live stream event to reach 400,000 subscribers. That February, she debuted her new default costume during a YouTube chat stream. As of May 2021, Suzuka has over 435,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 240,000 followers on Twitter.

Suzuka Utako Physical Description

Suzuka is a kind woman with a youthful face that belies her actual age. She has dark brown hair and light gray. Her original default outfit reflects the motherly, parent-approved image projected during her debut. She wears a white button-down shirt with yellow ruffles adorning the shoulders. Over her shirt, she wears an elaborate red apron with alternating white and yellow ruffles, ruching, and a blue and white polka dot pocket in the middle. The pocket pattern matches the bows around her neck and on her shoes. She styles her hair in a low side bun, held in place with a light blue scrunchie.

In her 2021 default design, Suzuka wears an elaborate, idol-inspired costume. Her red and brown dress has a fitted, double-breasted bodice and white ruffled collar. She wears her hair down with a red beret perched on top of her head.

Suzuka Utako Personality

After her debut, Suzuka had a very doting, motherly personality. However, she eventually revealed her highly perverted nature. She is a self-proclaimed shotacon and die-hard fujoshi. During a Minecraft stream, Suzuka spent several hours constructing BL love hotels around the server. Despite her perversion, Suzuka still exhibits thoughtful caring behavior, especially toward her younger sister. She appears to have a complex related to her age. While she openly admits to being 26, she fears she will miss her opportunity to get married.

Associated Company

As one of Nijisanji's oldest members, Suzuka often represents the agency in external events. In 2019, she appeared at the Nico Nico Chokaigi event with the members of JK Gumi, Kenmochi Touya, and Honma Himawari. In February 2021, she represented Nijisanji along with Rindou Mikoto in V-Clan's free live Vtuber Festival event.

BG Club

BG Club, an acronym for "Beautiful Girls Club," is a roleplay group consisting of Suzuka, Morinaka Hanasaki, and Moira. The three act as high school students working on a project cataloging their otaku interests. Starting in 2018, the group collaborates once a month in chats, Minecraft, and in serialized skits. After the final skit episode in February 2019, the collaboration moved primarily offline. The trio still use the name BG Club along with their portmanteau, Utakazamoi, interchangeably.

Notable Releases/Videos

Suzuka posts both streaming and edited content regularly on her YouTube channel. Notably, she reposts some of her edited videos with English subtitles, making her accessible to an international audience. As of 2021, Suzuka started learning Spanish to expand her reach further.

Worst Bishoujo Game Heroine Series

In July 2019, Suzuka started a series of edited video skits satirizing tropes found in visual novels. The running gag in the series centers on Suzuka's character making abrupt advances on the player character. Instead of following the dating sim format, the player character finds her actions wildly inappropriate and tries to escape the situation. The videos follow a visual novel format with static backgrounds and character avatars. A text box appears on the bottom of the screen, showing Suzuka and the viewer/player character's lines. As of April 2021, the series contains 56 videos archived in a playlist on her YouTube channel.

Visual Novels

In addition to parodying visual novels, Suzuka is an avid fan of the genre. She mainly plays niche titles from indie developers rather than mainstream games. In her first stream, she played the yandere visual novel Manhera Fresia. As fans started to learn more about her fetishes, Suzuka expanded her gaming titles to include shippable boys, such as Readyyy!, and a shotacon app, SCHOOLBOYS! Ayumu. In 2020, she started playing more explicit games with age 17+ ratings. She streamed two Qureate visual novels, KukkoroDays and TroubleDays, using her model to censor explicit CGs.

Other Activities

Along with performing song covers, Suzuka writes her own music. As of May 2021, she has produced three original songs, "Will You Marry Me?," "Thank U, Babys," and "U・S."


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