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Since her debut in March 2018, Natori Sana has remained a successful VTuber without an agency affiliation. Fans love her cute design and compelling lore, both perpetuated and denied by the creator herself. Her popularity led to the success of her first solo event celebrating her birthday in March 2021.

Natori Sana Background

Natori Sana is an independent Japanese VTuber and self-identified nurse. She debuted in early 2018 as part of the first VTuber boom. With official and fan-made merchandise and over 200,000 subscribers, Natori is one of the most popular VTubers without any affiliation to a management company.

Natori Sana History

Natori posted her first video to YouTube on March 16, 2018. Despite the rise in agency-affiliated VTubers, Natori found success as an independent creator by appealing to her fans. Five months after her debut, Natori received her first fan-made doujinshi as seen at the 2018 Comiket 94. In November 2018, the Japanese video game magazine Dengeki Maoh featured her in an add-on doujinshi. By the end of the year, her popularity made her the most requested guest VTuber in a poll for the virtual show Notaku Ban. In December 2019, Dengeki Maoh showcased Natori again, this time as a solo cover feature. As of 2021, Natori has over 200,000 subscribers and followers on YouTube and Twitter.

Natori Sana Physical Description

Natori looks like a teenage anime girl with a pink color scheme and a nurse aesthetic. She has long ash brown hair styled with two small, half updo ponytails. Each ponytail features a pink rabbit accessory, given to Natori by her mother. She has lively red eyes that portray her youthful energy. Her default outfit resembles a light pink, heart motif nurse's uniform. She has two other designs: a pink sailor-style school uniform and a frilly queen outfit. In her school uniform, she wears her hair in two low twintails and occasionally a single ponytail. She has bandages wrapped around both of her wrists, though she denies their existence.

Natori Sana Personality

Natori is a self-proclaimed nurse working at a seaside long-term health care facility. She claims she can never leave the facility due to the nature of her job. The bandages on her wrist, age, and strange anomalies in her environment imply that she is actually a patient in a mental hospital. Fans theorize that Natori Sana may not be her real name and that she is acting out a fantasy brought on by psychosis. In her streams, Natori appears energetic and friendly. She easily jokes with her viewers and has an easygoing sense of humor. Her emoji symbol is an eggplant due to the similar pronunciation of its name in Japanese, "nasu," and nurse. She calls her viewers "sensei," which is the preferred title for doctors in Japanese.

Associated Company

Natori has remained an independent creator for over three years. Originally, she applied to join the agency Nijisanji in its debut round of creators. However, she was rejected in the final round. In 2019, Natori appeared in a gaming collaboration with Nijisanji members in which she was brutally murdered. They joked about the murder with the line "welcome to Nijisanji."

Notable Releases/Videos

Like most VTubers, Natori makes a wide variety of videos including chat streams, gaming streams, and collaborations. However, her unique channel videos make her an enduring presence as an independent creator. As her own character designer, Natori demonstrates her artistic ability in a newer streaming series. The cryptic videos related to her possible backstory also shed light on what may be a dark and complicated character.

Drawing Streams

In addition to encouraging fan art, Natori produces her own fan-requested drawings during live streams. During a stream in 2019, Natori designed a set of stamps for the messaging app LINE featuring her expressions. Other requests include drawing her character model in themed costumes while making specific faces. While she takes requests for art featuring her own character design, Natori also does illustrations from other media. In a stream from March 2021, Natori attempted to recreate her favorite scene from the show "Pui Pui Molcar." During these videos, Natori responds to live fan feedback and jokes with the audience about her mistakes.

Lore-related Videos

Several videos on Natori's channel hint at her possibly macabre background. In an archived stream from May 2018, Natori styled the chat like a waking dream sequence. After "waking up," viewers could see a trail of blood leading in from the hallway outside of her room. In October 2018, in a video titled "_", Natori appears in a plain black robe speaking to the camera on a low-quality stream. She states the date of the video as February 27, 2018, and claims she is 23 years old. She says she plans to start a Twitter account the next day and become a nurse. Natori's Twitter account launched on February 27, 2018. On March 15, 2020, Natori posted a video titled "2011.04.**" containing only garbled audio. In the video, Natori states she is 17 years old and wants to make friends "when she becomes healthy."

Other Activities

As of April 2021, Natori has two original songs: "Sana's Song" and "Pink, All Pink!" She performed in the 2019 NicoNico Chokaigi concert event. Natori also hosts and appears in collaborations with other VTubers. Her most high-profile collaboration is the video game Project Winter stream with popular Nijisanji members.


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