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Nyatasha Nyanners started gaining fame before the rise of VTubers. Rising from message boards, she joined YouTube as an independent content creator using a pink-haired catgirl as her icon. Today, Nyanners commands a large, loyal fanbase and creates content under the VTuber agency VShojo to expand her influence. The VTuber community recognizes Nyanners for her work with song covers, voice acting, and bringing the genre to new heights in the English-speaking world.

Nyanners Background

Nyatasha Nyanners, known simply as Nyanners, is an English language VTuber based in the United States. She gained prominence through her rap covers, trademark high pitched voice, and fast-paced, irreverent sense of humor.

Nyanners History

Nyanners developed from a character and username conceived on Naruto fan message boards. Fellow message board members gave her the nickname Nyanners from her username "nyannyanxo." Her roleplay Naruto character could manifest a large pink cat face when angry, inspiring her first YouTube channel art in 2012. Nyanners finalized her design in 2014 and used this character as her representation on YouTube and Twitch to compensate for her shyness.

In 2020, she debuted her custom virtual avatar, debuting as a VTuber. At the same time, she revealed a formal character bio, including her full name as chosen by a Twitch poll. That November, Nyanners announced her membership in the US-based VTuber management group VShojo. As of March 2021, Nyanners has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 399K followers on Twitch.

Nyanners Physical Description

Nyanners looks like a teenage girl with long pink hair, fluffy cat ears, and purple eyes. She has a small fang that is allegedly her only tooth. In her hair, she wears a white cat-shaped barrette by her left ear. Her default outfit includes a loose, comfy light blue hoodie that hangs off her shoulders. Underneath, she wears a black and white tube top with a cat in the middle that appears to be peeking out of her hoodie. On the top, the shirt reads "nya" in Japanese hiragana characters.

In October 2020, Nyanners received her first alternate design. She wore a side ponytail and an elaborate black and purple, bat-themed costume. This marked the first appearance of Nyanners lower body, confirming her humanoid legs. Previously, rumors stated she had a spider-like lower body. In late November of that year, she debuted a winter outfit featuring a large, fluffy light blue coat and a Russian ushanka hat. She wears a pin of her cat familiar, Goro, on her hat.

Nyanners Personality

Nyanners has a pure-hearted, cheerful, and somewhat contradictory personality. While she often displays an innocent disposition, she's prone to using toilet humor and crude gags for laughs. This is most easily seen in her covers of rap songs featuring explicit lyrics delivered in her high-pitched, child-like voice. At the same time, Nyanners expresses great embarrassment with adult-oriented material. Her similar reactions to loud noises and shocking displays of affection make her easily flustered. She playfully goes along with fan jokes, stating outrageous things such as claiming an IQ of 200 and the ability to flatten mountains with her rear end. She has a large working knowledge of Japanese pop culture as well as foreign languages, including Japanese and Russian. Notably, Nyanners suffers from bouts of delusions of grandeur.

Associated Companies

Nyanners switched platforms from YouTube to Twitch in 2015. By October 2016, her prominence on the website allowed her to become a Twitch partner. As a result, Nyanners released a set of Twitch emotes featuring her character designs available on the platform. In 2020, she joined the VTuber management company, VShojo. VShojo represents other US-based VTubers, such as Ironmouse and Projekt Melody.

Notable Releases/Videos

Nyanners is most well-known for her rap covers and activities as a Twitch streamer. Fans note the gap appeal of her crude content and pure personality as her major selling point.

Song Covers

Nyanners started covering popular anime and meme-related songs early in her streaming career. Her covers range from straightforward adaptations to altered parody versions. Her first notable cover was a parody of the Japanese song "PonPonPon'' titled "PomfPomfPomf" in 2012. She released a Christmas album of both covers and original songs in 2016 titled The First Nyoel. She announced a second album of Minecraft parody songs in early April 2017 and posted it on Soundcloud the next day. Her work covering popular rap songs best captures her purity and crudeness gap appeal. Some of her most popular covers include Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Kanye West's "Monster." In 2018, Nyanners collaborated with EDM artist Magic Circuit to release a full-length album and remix singles.

Anime Voice Dubs

One of Nyanners first posts to her original YouTube channel was a voiceover narration of a hentai manga in 2011. This, followed by her 2014 ASMR parody video in which she roleplayed a dating sim character, set the precedent for her voice acting humor. However, Nyanners wished to pursue voice acting on a larger level. Also in 2014, she landed a role in a fandub of the anime series Angel Beats. She continued to produce snippets of anime parody dubs through her time on YouTube. Notable videos include scenes from shows like The Future Diary and anime-style parodies of games like League of Legends.

Other Activities

While mostly a solo gamer and meme maker, since joining VShojo, Nyanners has started participating in larger group events. She participated as a guest on the Lewdcast podcast with Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, and Silvervale. In late March 2021, she was announced as a guest on Kizuna Ai’s first virtual tour.


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