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Shizuka Rin is the gentle older sister of Nijisanji. Despite her looks and calming demeanor, she's a serious gamer and athlete. As a result, she has many fans within the Nijisanji community and a dedicated following she calls her fam, short for family.

Shizuka Rin Background

Shizuka Rin is a female Japanese VTuber debuting under Nijisanji's first generation. She is a third-year high school student and a dedicated gamer. Her streams can last for many hours and she usually eats snacks while recording. She tries to stream only from 8:00 pm until midnight Japan Standard Time, but she often goes over.

Shizuka Rin History

Shizuka Rin debuted on YouTube on February 10, 2018. She streamed a formal introduction video two weeks later. She celebrated reaching 100,000 subscribers in May with a live stream chat and a new key illustration. In September 2018, she participated in the VtuberLand Nijisanji Days. Shizuka celebrated her 3D model that month in a duet performance with Higuchi Kaede. She participated in Higuchi's first live event in January 2019 and appeared in numerous NicoNico Douga events throughout the year. In September 2020, Shizuka reached 300,000 subscribers. As of April 2021, she has over 325,000 subscribers on YouTube

Shizuka Rin Physical Description

Shizuka is a short, athletic high school girl with chin-length dark blue hair and golden yellow eyes. She wears a navy blue uniform with bright turquoise lining on her blazer collar and cuffs. Underneath, she wears a yellow sweater layered over a white collared shirt and a purple bowtie. She wears navy opaque tights instead of socks and black loafers. Occasionally, she wears cat ears during her streams that she can toggle on and off.

Most of Shizuka's designs reflect her modest, mature personality. However, her Halloween costume was revealing, including a corset and devil horns. In her spring 2019 outfit, Shizuka wore her junior high uniform and revealed that she used to have long hair worn in a ponytail.

Shizuka Rin Personality

As the senior member of the JK Gumi, Shizuka acts like a gentle older sister type. Her kindness extends to other members of Nijisanji, including Kuzuha and Morinaka Hanasaki. In addition to her seniority in the agency, Shizuka's gaming skills earn her widespread respect. She offers to teach and guide struggling members who subsequently decide to follow her as disciples. Before her YouTube career, Shizuka was a member of her school's basketball team. Her athleticism became a running gag in the community, with many VTubers expressing jealousy over Shizuka's abs. As a streamer, Shizuka's fans enjoy her calm, relaxing demeanor and gentle commentary.

Associated Company

Shizuka was one of Nijisanji's first vtubers. During their early years, Nijisanji debuted their VTubers in generational and themed waves. By 2019, the company decided to integrate previous groups into a larger community of VTubers with small subunits within it.

JK Gumi

JK Gumi refers to Shizuka, Higuchi Kaede, and Tsukino Mito. While Tsukino was the first Nijisanji VTuber, Higuchi and Shizuka debuted in tandem with other members of the agency's first wave. The three were grouped together due to their shared identities as high school students. JK Gumi performs music, appears in and hosts events, and receives their design updates together. In April 2021, JK Gumi became the first Nijisanji members to receive the 3.0 brush-up for their 2D models.

Notable Releases/Videos

Shizuka primarily plays games on her channel and participates in various streams when collaborating. She organizes all her streams in archive playlists separated into genre categories. Her streams can last several hours, taking up most of a day or going until early morning. Some of her older videos have been deleted or made private, but archives exist on fan channels and hosting sites.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is Shizuka's longest ongoing gaming series. Shizuka started playing FFXIV in May 2018 and, as of April 2021, still plays it regularly. She created multiple playlists for her objectives during the game: the main story, the Chronicle Quest, and miscellaneous post-game exploration. Since becoming a fan of the series, Shizuka started reading the dialogue to further immerse herself in the story. Her streams tend to last two to three hours, but she can get carried away and play for up to five hours.

Horror Games

Horror is one of Shizuka's favorite game genres. She plays a variety of horror games spanning the survival horror and first-person shooter subgenres. Shizuka enjoys the fear she feels playing horror games for the first time, as seen in her Layers of Fear series. However, she also likes knowing what to expect replaying older titles like the 1996 PlayStation game Clocktower. Her horror game series tend to be short, lasting about an hour for an average of seven streams. While short-lived, Shizuka quickly finds a new horror game and almost always has an ongoing series running.

Other Activities

Shizuka is the second VTuber to collaborate with American YouTuber PewDiePie. On his channel, she performed a Japanese cover of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver. The Japanese language version first appeared in the 1995 movie Whisper of the Heart, which is how Shizuka first encountered it. As a result, she misremembered the lyrics as "concrete roads," which PewDiePie teased her for.


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