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Suou Patra is a popular devil-themed, ASMR VTuber. While her ASMR videos are famous for their soothing quality, Suou's speaking voice is occasionally grating. Despite issues with her YouTube channel being suspended and demonetization scandals, her popularity continues to rise.

Suou Patra Background

Suou Patra is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with 774 Inc. She is a self-proclaimed otaku devil queen with a talent for ASMR. As of April 2021, she has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and 160,000 followers on Twitter.

Suou Patra History

Suou created her YouTube channel on July 8, 2018. She debuted six days later with a short self-introduction video. Suou reached the 50,000 subscriber milestone in December 2018. As a result, she hosted a Christmas card giveaway to the first 100 fans to sign up. By November 2019, her subscriber count ballooned to over 200,000. In July 2020, Suou had her YouTube channel demonetized for four days unexpectedly. Similarly, on November 19, her channel was suspended but reinstated the next day. On March 21, 2021, she held a live stream event during which she reached 400,000 subscribers.

Suou Patra Physical Description

Suou is a full-figured, anime-style demon girl with a dark red and black color scheme. She has long silver hair with light red ombre streaks at the ends. Two pointed buns flank her head, nestled behind two bat-like hair ornaments. She wears a red halter-style bra with black lace trim. Over the bra, Suou has a sheer, black sleeveless top tied underneath her bust. Around her neck, she wears a black collar with a red tie that disappears into her cleavage. Her off-the-shoulder bolero top is black with gold trim and bold surgeon sleeve cuffs. She wears a black pleated miniskirt with a red trim ruffle slung low on her hips, revealing the top of her underwear. Her long demon tail curls up by her waist with a large, gold tip. To finish her outfit, Suou accessorizes with thigh-high socks and double-strap platform mary janes.

Suou Patra Personality

As a self-proclaimed otaku, Suou loves anime and manga. Her favorite series are moe anime and anything featuring pretty girls. Her love for cute girls led her to learn music production software in hopes of producing songs for them one day. She has a bright, energetic personality that she occasionally channels into first-person shooter games. Suou also has an eventful personal life and often shares wild stories during her chat streams. She seems to have a thrill-seeker streak, seen when she called her real-life friends during a live stream. Her busy, productive schedule demonstrates her hardworking personality. However, her viewers and group members worry that she doesn't sleep enough. There is an ongoing gag that Suou routinely gets fired for acting without her manager's permission.

Associated Company

Suou is affiliated with 774 Inc., a virtual talent production and management company. 774 Inc. was formed in Spring 2018 with the launch of their first group of VTubers, AniMare. The company manages virtual talent in thematic groups and outsources their body tracking technology from Ichikara Inc.

Honey Strap

Honey Strap is a group of VTubers constructed on the idea of devil queens visiting Earth from the Underworld. The four group members are Suou Patra, Sekishiro Mico, Saionji Mary, and Shimamura Charlotte. Originally, the group debuted with five members. However, member Sogetsu Eli retired in Mary 2019. "Honey Strap" comes from the name of the fictional coffee shop where the devil queens work under the manager Haineko Nanashi. While the group image presents as cool and sexy, most of the members have cute and gentle personalities.

Notable Releases/Videos

Given her wide range of interests and high energy, Suou streams frequently. Her most popular uploads are her ASMR videos and weekend interview Q&A sessions. She also hosts fellow VTubers on her channel for variety show style content.

ASMR Videos

Suou does a weekly ASMR video series on Monday nights JST that contains the most viewed streams on her channel. Each stream lasts over 90 minutes on average and claims to help with sleep aid. Most of the content involves Suou gently whispering into the microphone while calming the listener. As of April 2021, her most viewed ASMR video has over 1.8 million views. In the video, Suou mimics the sounds of cleaning the listener’s ears, shampooing their hair, and giving them a massage. Suou also makes videos with common ASMR components, such as crinkling and blowing into the microphone. In December 2020, Suou debuted a new stereophonic microphone with greater clarity and 3D sounding.

Collaboration Videos

In her collaboration videos, Suou either makes interview-style content or streams gameplay. Suou's most frequent collaboration guests are other members of Honey Strap. She often features Shimamura Charlotte, who introduced her to Minecraft. Nijisanji member Tsukino Mito appeared in one video vocalizing the backing instruments while Suou sang vocals to a song. She played the game Sakura Wars with Hololive member Houshou Marine shortly after her debut in December 2019. She also collaborates with popular independent artists, such as Natori Sana, in a variety of game-filled chat streams.

Other Activities

Given her interest in producing music, Suou has released multiple singles and a debut album, "I Am No. 1!" Her album came out in August 2020 and is available on Spotify and Amazon Music worldwide. She also performs music in a group with the members of Honey Strap.


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