Advertising on Tokyo Otaku Mode

What You Can Accomplish via Tokyo Otaku Mode

The user base of Tokyo Otaku Mode is mainly interested in Japanese anime, manga, games, and other areas of Japanese pop culture. Therefore, PR content related to this same media subset, as well as business marketing through the use of pop culture can be effectively utilized. Also, because Tokyo Otaku Mode’s user base primarily consists of overseas users, marketing geared toward this audience can also be achieved.

Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Media at a Glance

  1. 1. Facebook Page

    A traffic engine for gathering otaku from all over the world.

    20 million fans

    Percentage of Fans by Location

    More than 99% of Facebook fans are from countries outside Japan! This number is spread across more than 100 countries!

    AsiaNorth AmericaSouth America

    Country Ranking (non-exhaustive)

    Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore
    United States, Mexico, Canada
    Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia
    England, Italy, France, Germany
    Egypt, Algeria, Morocco
    Gender Ratio of Fans
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    Through its News platform and Facebook page, Tokyo Otaku Mode shares the latest information about Japanese and otaku culture with users around the world. Featuring news articles on social media allows users to share the information with their own networks, which extends the reach of the content.
    Tokyo Otaku Mode also operates a Shop that provides popular Japanese products to over 100 countries, as well as a Gallery through which TOM Special Creators can publish their work.

Our Clients

  • DeNADeNA
  • 株式会社ドワンゴ株式会社ドワンゴ
  • 観光庁観光庁
  • KDDI株式会社KDDI株式会社
  • 日本政府観光局(JNTO)日本政府観光局(JNTO)
  • LawsonLawson
  • ソニー株式会社ソニー株式会社
  • 富士重工業株式会社富士重工業株式会社
  • サンスター株式会社サンスター株式会社