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OtapediaAmano Pikamee - VTuber

Amano Pikamee is a Japanese and English speaking VTuber that is a member of Vox Monsters (often abbreviated as VOMS Project or simply VOMS). As an incredibly energetic bilingual VTuber, Pikamee has gathered a rather impressive following despite coming from a small VTuber group.

Amano Pikamee Background

As an English and Japanese bilingual VTuber, Pikamee often streams in both languages. Some streams focus on either one language or the other but generally have her going back and forth between the two to some degree. When it comes to content, Pikamee also streams a wide variety of games, chats, and collaborations with other VTubers.

Amano Pikamee History

On September 6th, 2019, GYARI -- the founder of the VOMS Project and Pikamee’s illustrator -- would reveal his desire to create a series of new VTubers and included designs of Pikamee, though her name was not made official yet. Several months later on March 19th, 2020, Pikamee would make her official VTuber debut on her own channel. On April 25th, she would gain monetization on her channel, making her the last member of the VOMS Project to do so. Pikamee would go on to reach 100,000 subscribers on August 19th. This number would triple to over 300,000 by the end of the year. On March 29th, 2021, Pikamee would make her Twitch debut, where she played Red Dead Redemption 2. As of April 2021, Pikamee has over 400,000 and shows a steady rate of growth.

Amano Pikamee Physical Description

Although she is considered to be an electric monster, Pikamee takes the appearance of a young girl with yellow and green shoulder-length hair, green eyes, and sharp, pointed teeth. Her original outfit consists of a green undershirt, a pair of dark blue shorts, and a white baggy shirt that hangs down below her shoulders. She also wears a pair of pastel yellow, white, and blue sneakers with white socks and has a hairband in her hair that has a pointed antenna on top of it. Pikamee would later reveal a second shirt that is colored yellow and includes the phrase “I LOVE DENKI” written in black, where “denki” is the Japanese word for electricity.

One year after her original YouTube debut, Pikamee would reveal a new costume that also came with a redesigned model. This model has a superdeformed, chibi-like style with large eyes and comically short legs. The outfit itself includes a mint green and orange pull-over hoodie. The hood itself takes the shape of a monster’s head and includes a pair of bulging eyeballs, a set of sharp, white teeth, and an orange fin on each side of the head. Aside from the hoodie itself, the outfit also includes a long tail with a spiked collar hanging on it and a pair of orange and green slippers with a face drawn on them.

Amano Pikamee Personality

Out of the VTubers in the VOMS Project, Pikamee is often described as the energetic, goofy, and giggly member of the group and also noted for having a unique laugh that is often compared to the sound of a tea kettle. Although she tries to keep her streams family-friendly at all times, she is prone to having verbal outbursts whenever she gets overly frustrated when playing games -- with platforming games being some of her most rage-inducing. Pikamee has also lived in both America and Japan and has told some interesting stories from her personal life. Some examples include her experiences working at various American fast food and convenience store chains where her lack of experience in speaking English at the time resulted in some unfortunate situations.

Associated Company

Amano Pikamee is a member of the Vox Monsters Project, a small VTuber group that was founded by GYARI, an artist and jazz Vocaloid song producer known for songs like “Akane-chan Will Listen to Anything You Say”, “Aoi-chan is Going to Eat ChocoMint No Matter What”, and “Akari Has Arrived!”. As of April 2021, the group has two members: Pikamee herself and Hikasa Tomoshika. VOMS Project originally had a third member named Jitomi Monoe, but this member was retired on February 19th, 2021 due to a breach of contract.

Notable Series

Although Pikamee hosts a variety of content on her channel, some of her most popular streams include her playthroughs of 3D games in the Super Mario series and her stream of The Henry Stickmin Collection

3D *Super Mario Games

Out of all of the games Pikamee has played, her streams of games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy are some of her most infamous. Whether due to its dated controls or Pikamee’s own lack of skill, her playthrough of Super Mario 64 was especially painful for her to play through, as there were times Pikamee would spend dozens of minutes trying to overcome simple obstacles before dying time and time again. The resulting streams were full of ear-piercing screams and less than family-friendly moments.

The Henry Stickmin Collection

This pick-your-own adventure series has players controlling the titular character, Henry Stickmin, and is played by choosing various options that result in branching routes in the various entries in the series. Each game in this collection is filled with humor and pop culture references, which resulted in plenty of laughs from Pikamee and her viewers. As of April 2021, this particular stream is Pikamee’s most popular video on her channel and has over 700,000 views -- which is several hundred thousand more than her other streams.


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