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Sasaki Saku is a fun-loving, laid back, pink-haired VTuber. Saku is a VTuber who retired and came back to the VTuber world, making so many fans happy. Sitting on over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube, she’s popular for her casual attitude and her sense of humor.

Sasaki Saku Background

Sasaki Saku is a high school student and member of Nijisanji (previously Nijisanji Gamers). She is a relatively popular VTuber with a big personality. She had once retired from being a VTuber but has now returned.

Sasaki Saku History

Sasaki Saku originally debuted on Youtube on July 7, 2018. She was a part of Nijisanji’s Gamers team. On November 15, she released a farewell montage and then shut down her Youtube channel. Saku removed much of her content and stopped all activity. The reason behind this is unknown. On January 16, 2019, about two months later, Nijisanji announced that she would be returning. Currently, Saku has over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube. On Twitter, she has over 400,000 followers.

There are a number of theories about Saku’s retirement, one of which was actually broadcast on television. Famous sumo wrestler Kisenosato Yutaka took a break at the same time that Saku debuted. Saku decided to retire on the same day that Kisenosato returned to Sumo. Finally, Kisenosato announced his retirement at the same time Saku returned to Nijisanji. Some speculate that Sasaki Saku’s true identity is that of the sumo wrestler.

On June 17, 2019, Saku’s official 3D model was released. On April 10, 2020, Saku and VTuber Yashiro Kizuku began hosting a program on Nijisanji’s official Youtube channel. The program is called Yashiro and Sasaki’s Lever Gacha Daipan.

Sasaki Saku Physical Description

Sasaki Saku is a high school junior weighing 33 kg and standing at 148 cm. Saku has a bright pink bob haircut that is clipped on the side and bright pink downturned eyes. On her right ear dangles a cute pink earring. Saku is featured wearing a dress shirt and a green plaid skirt. She wears this under a black and white panda hooded hoodie. The panda hood is pulled up over her head so we see two adorable panda ears. She wears ankle-length socks and black sneakers.

Saku has multiple different outfits including her Game Day outfit, her Marine sailor outfit, and two October outfits. Her Game day outfit features her with her half tied up on both sides and a Nintendo switch-inspired cardigan. One of her October outfits features her wearing an adorable fluffy white hooded cape with the hood including her signature panda ears.

Sasaki Saku Personality

Sasaki Saku is known for being bold, loud-mouthed, and hilarious. She loves games and aquariums and her favorite creature is an octopus. She also likes pandas. Saku often likes to joke around on her streams, sometimes pretending that she is very angry with her viewers. She is extremely expressive making her so much fun in groups and the life of the party.

Saku is close friends with the VTuber Shiina Yuika. She also has an adopted gray kitten named Popo. Popo is a Scottish fold. Saku recorded footage of herself playing with her kitten which was rare to do amongst VTubers. The majority of VTubers don’t record live footage outside of their VTuber personality so it was shocking to many.

Associated Company

Saku is a member of many Vtuber groups that provides content in collaboration with many other popular VTubers. To name a few, she is part of evergreen nerd, Gozayayo, Susumo Kindergarten, Nijisanji GALS, and more.

Notable Games and Series

Sasaki Saku has a preference for playing Nintendo games. On her channel, she has often streamed Pokemon games, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Brothers, multiple different Mario games, and more. She has also played a lot of Minecraft, Fall guys, and various other titles. Saku has also played some unique indie titles such as Papers, please. Aside from games, Sasaki Saku has released a few other types of videos, including songs and casual chats.

Nintendo Games

Saku’s favorite games to play are Nintendo games and her streams reflect this. Saku plays a lot of Pokemon. One interesting game that she has been playing is Pokemon Pinball. This is an old Pokemon spin-off game released in Japan in 1999. It is a pinball game and Saku has fun aiming for certain pokemon. Saku is relatively good at games and often plays games like Super Smash Brothers as well. She often destroys her competitions and likes to gloat.

Song Videos

Sasaki Saku’s most popular video on Youtube is actually one where she is singing. It’s titled “Sasaki is disliked/ I’m hated by life”. It’s a parody of a song titled “I’m hated by life” by Kanzaki Iori Honke. Saku changed the lyrics to reflect her own feelings and her sadness. Fans felt moved by the song and it reached over 9 million views on Youtube. A song about life and death, it touched many people.


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