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Mayuzumi Kai provides VTuber fans with unconventional video formats and streaming content. As a professional hacker, Mayuzumi exercises his technological knowledge when choosing games to stream or running chats. His unique personality also features unexpected gaps, such as his acting talent, that add to his appeal.

Mayuzumi Kai Background

Mayuzumi Kai is a male Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. He is a white-hat hacker tasked with testing website security systems malicious hackers. According to his official profile, Mayuzumi started streaming as part of an undercover investigation.

Mayuzumi Kai History

Mayuzumi made his YouTube debut on July 28, 2019. On October 21, 2019, he celebrated reaching the 100,000 subscriber milestone with a live stream. Shortly after, he announced his diagnosis with cataracts that would limit his streaming activity. In February 2020, Mayuzumi returned to his regular streaming schedule after successful eye surgery. That June, he reached his next milestone with over 200,000 subscribers. On July 10, 2020, he debuted his 3D model over a YouTube live stream. He held a milestone live stream to reach 240,000 subscribers in early September 2020. He ended up getting the necessary 1,000 subscribers in less than thirty minutes. As of April 2021, Mayuzumi has over 375,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Mayuzumi Kai Physical Description

Mayuzumi is a pale young man with short, shaggy black hair. He has a teal blue highlight on the left side of his bangs. On his left ear, Mayuzumi has three black hoop piercings with two in his cartilage. His eyes are primarily teal blue with a contrasting light gold highlight at the bottom. Compared to other VTubers, Mayuzumi wears a very understated outfit that reflects his personality. He wears a black t-shirt and charcoal gray jeans. Over the shirt, he wears a large white jacket with a black color block design and teal blue trim. Though rarely seen in his streams, he wears panda slippers around the house. He also revealed that he wears black frame glasses while working in his limited work outfit streams.

Mayuzumi Kai Personality

Mayuzumi is known for his cool, aloof personality. He speaks with a flat monotone and has a sarcastic and blunt sense of humor. He always uses casual speech, even when speaking to his seniors, which often annoys them. Occasionally, Mayuzumi reveals his talents as an actor by performing over-the-top voice impressions. In one stream, Mayuzumi acted in an energetic, upbeat personality after reading viewer complaints about his low energy. Though rare, his reserved demeanor doesn't keep him from forming friendships with other members or showing any emotion. His collaborators treat making Mayuzumi laugh as an exciting accomplishment. Notably, Mayuzumi rarely leaves the house and orders almost everything online instead of shopping in person.

Associated Company

As a Vtuber, Mayuzumi works under Nijisanj. However, he still works primarily as a hacker. Due to the nature of his work, he keeps the identity of his cybersecurity employer private.

BlueS and Meshers's

BlueS is the nickname for Mayuzumi's debut cohort with Ars Almal and Aiba Uiha. The three often collaborate to play mainstream gaming titles, such as Animal Crossing and Minecraft. Mayuzumi is also in a trio with Saegusa Akina and Fuwa Minato called Mesher's after their mutual highlights. Mesher's tends to post variety and chat streaming content together and has a notably female-dominated fanbase.

Notable Releases/Videos

Mayuzumi's solo content tends to deviate from the traditional VTuber format. While he does participate in collaborations, he usually plays indie games outside of the popular streamer catalog. Mayuzumi also streams experimental content with unusual editing and framing choices, reflecting his technological knowledge.

Indie and Obscure Games

Outside of his collaborations, Mayuzumi rarely plays mainstream games like APEX Legends. Instead, he prefers games from indie developers and unconventional gameplay. For example, in early 2021, Mayuzumi streamed the 2020 visual novel Necrobarista from Australian developer, Studio 59. Necrobarista uses 3D art and cinematic framing in a departure from the traditional visual novel format. Other unique gaming titles include the 2017 adventure puzzle game The Sexy Brutale and Legal Dungeon from Korean developer SOMI. For these titles, Mayuzumi usually does a single long stream rather than a multiple stream series.

Experimental Streams

Throughout all his streams, Mayuzumi employs experimental methods either in his editing, framing, or storytelling. For example, in his 240,000 subscribers live stream, Mayuzumi overlaid a mirroring effect that multiplied his face irregularly to cover the entire screen. He also covers philosophical conversation topics, including the meaning of free will and the existence of alternate realities. Mayuzumi can also quickly switch between his usual personality and exaggerated performance. He uses this ability to obscure his cryptic backstory and fuel fan theories. He also chooses interesting videos to archive, such as troubleshooting a failed internet connection during a planned gaming stream.


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