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OtapediaGawr Gura (Gauru Gura) - VTuber

Gawr Gura shook the VTuber fandom with her rapid rise to stardom. In four months, the shark girl gamer became the only VTuber aside from Kizuna Ai to reach 2 million subscribers. Fans love her streaming banter, boneheaded behavior, and her laid-back attitude.

Gawr Gura Background

Gawr Gura is a shark girl VTuber from Hololive’s English division, debuting in the branch's first generation. She is one of the most popular VTubers on YouTube, reaching over 2 million subscribers in less than six months.

Gawr Gura History

Gura created a YouTube and Twitter account in July 2020. She did not post to either account until her debut in September that year. She was first announced along with the other Hololive English VTubers on the company's official social media sites. During her introductory stream, Gura experienced technical difficulties that led to her going live 15 minutes late. She quickly rose in popularity, gaining nearly 100,000 new subscribers every two to five days during her first month. In late October, Gura became the most subscribed Hololive member on YouTube, surpassing Japanese figures like Inugami Korone. In January 2021, Gura reached 2 million subscribers, making her the second VTuber to achieve this feat after Kizuna Ai.

Gura's official history states that she is a descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis. She swam to the surface, Earth out of boredom, and decided to stay. She is somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 years old, but she lost count. Her hobbies outside of streaming involve talking to marine life.

Gawr Gura Physical Description

Despite her age, Gura resembles an adolescent anime girl. She has white hair with blunt bangs and blue streaks that match her eye color. Underneath her hood, Gura has medium-length twin tails that she revealed in her debut. When she opens her mouth, she reveals her sharp, shark-like teeth.

She wears a blue shark hood-style hat with fins flanking her face and a row of teeth outlining the opening. Her main outfit is an oversized shark-themed hoodie with a large, toothed mouth in the middle, drooling with hunger. The hoodie features other ocean motifs, such as a blue and white ombre coloring and fish skeleton zipper pulls. Her long shark tail hangs down by her feet, featuring a bite mark in the fin. In her official appearances, she holds a bright teal trident that extends above her head.

Gawr Gura Personality

Gura is a friendly, mischievous shark with a generally amiable personality. She has no sense of direction and often mispronounces words. Combined with her sense of laziness, this has led fans to affectionately label her a bonehead. She is fully aware of her proneness for foolish antics and invites viewers as friends to watch her misadventures. Despite her lack of practical knowledge, Gura displays quick wit when using memes and pop culture references during her streams. She maintains a pleasant attitude and assures her viewers that her flat angry reactions to rude jokes are done in good fun. Representative of her age and wisdom, she gives breezy advice to her viewers, jokingly calling herself the "Gurandma."

Associated Company

Gura helped launched Hololive’s English branch as part of their first generation of VTubers. Since her debut, Gura has broken records for Hololive. She is both the first Hololive VTuber to surpass 1 million and then 2 million subscribers.

Notable Games and Series

Gura's favorite titless include horror and rhythm games. She's known for her banter with fans while she plays as well as solving puzzles in creative ways. Her first gaming stream was for the first-person, shark-themed survival game, Maneater. She has since joined the VTuber Minecraft trend, building on a server with her fellow Hololive English VTubers.

Horror Games

Like many VTubers, Gura plays horror-style video games for excitement on her channel. While some of these streamers get too scared or play in teams, Gura primarily plays alone and enjoys the genre. Her first horror game stream was for the story-driven, first-person maze game Dark Deception. She played the game in three total streams, averaging around 800,000 views for each over five months. Her stream playing Outlast, the 2013 survival horror game, is her most popular horror stream with over 1 million views. In addition to classic VTuber horror titles like Dead by Daylight, Gura plays titles like the Amnesia, Left4Dead, and Resident Evil series. Occasionally, Gura brings a guest on the stream to introduce or spice up a series, like Watson Amelia and Ninomae Ina'nis.

Rhythm Games

While not as prominent on her channel, Gura expresses a lot of interest in rhythm-based games. Her first rhythm game stream was in December 2020 for the game Taiko no Tatsujin. Gura delighted her viewers with her high skill level in the game, playing one of the hardest songs for the first time with few misses. Her performance led fans to dub rhythm games as her natural environment, likening the stream to a "shark returning to the water." However, Gura did not return to the genre until late March 2021 with a stream for the first-person shooter rhythm game BPM: Bullets Per Minute. Later that week, she played DJMax Respect. Both streams reached nearly 500,000 views within a week.

Other Activities

Gura surprised viewers by revealing her singing talents during her debut stream. Her talent and knowledge of Japanese oldies and anime songs earned her the nickname "City Pop Shark." In honor of reaching 2 million subscribers, Gura hosted a karaoke streaming party for over four hours. She has also participated in fan-requested or fan service tasks, such as manga reading and baking. Notably, for her six-month anniversary, Gura posted a reaction video to her debut stream.


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