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AZKi is a Japanese speaking VTuber that is currently the sole member of Hololive Production’s music label brand, INoNaKa Music (often abbreviated to INNK Music) and is the last member of Hololive’s “0th Generation” to make their debut.

AZKi Background

Although AZKi is generally considered to be a member of Hololive, nearly all of the content that she produces is music-related and includes things like song covers, original songs, and concerts. That said, she does sometimes host gaming streams as well.

AZKi History

Despite not being directly associated with Hololive at the time, AZKi made her VTuber debut on November 15th, 2018. Unlike most other VTubers from Hololive, AZKi’s debut consisted of a cover of Dixie Flatline’s “Just Be Friends” rather than a traditional introductory stream. On May 19th, 2019, AZKi participated in her first live event titled “The Shitest Start” where Hoshimachi Suisei made a guest appearance. During this concert, the pair also announced that they would be joining Hololive Production’s music label, INoNaKa Music. Throughout the rest of 2019, she would receive a second model, release her first album, without U, and continued appearing in concerts in Akihabara and Ikebukuro.

In January 2020, AZKi would join many other members of Hololive for the group’s first major concert, “1st fes. Nonstop Story”. On December 1st, her second album, Re:Creating world, would be released and was followed by her sixth concert with the same name five days later. That same month, AZKi appeared in Hololive’s second group concert, “2nd fes. Beyond the Stage”. A third 3D model with a new outfit for AZKi was also later revealed on February 23rd, 2021.

AZKi Physical Description

AZKi is a young woman with black hair and purple and blue eyes. Throughout her career, AZKi has received three unique designs, the first of which has her wearing a two-piece outfit and a long, red, and blue strip of cloth that wraps around her body. The outfit also includes a pair of long, black gloves with red nails and asymmetric black high heels. AZKi’s hair in this particular outfit has slanted bangs and long twin tails that run down to her legs. Her second outfit shares some similarities with the first, though the long strip of cloth is replaced with a transparent red top and an ankle-length black and pink coat. Instead of slanted bangs and twin tails, this outfit’s hairstyle is cut short and has bangs that have red highlights in them that form an “X”.

AZKi’s most recent model, however, is a significant departure from her previous outfits and closely resembles the idol outfits worn by other Hololive members in “Nonstop Story” and “Beyond the Stage”. This dress is colored black, white, and pink and includes a multilayered skirt, pink and black socks, and pink heels. Her hair is also shoulder length and has a pink ribbon tied to it.

AZKi Personality

Although she has little interaction with her viewers compared to other Hololive members who stream and chat with their viewers on a nearly daily basis, AZKi is a kind and hardworking girl that loves putting her all into her singing. She is sometimes compared to Tokino Sora in terms of personality, AZKi is a bit more relaxed and easygoing. That said, she does have a playful side to her and will sometimes tease her viewers when she streams on her channel.

Associated Company

AZKi is a member of INNK Music, a music label that is a part of Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that manages over fifty individual VTubers. While the agency’s largest group is its all-female VTuber group, Hololive, it also has a smaller male group named Holostars in addition to INNK Music. Despite being the sole member of INNK Music, AZKi is considered to be a member of Hololive’s “0th Generation”. This group includes members that debuted with Hololive or its parent company, Cover Corporation, outside of a specific generation despite having some members in it that debuted after the 1st and 2nd Generations. Hololive’s “0th Generation” also includes Tokino Sora, Roboco-san, Sakura Miko, and Hoshimachi Suisei.

Notable Releases

As a VTuber that primarily produces music content, AZKi’s most popular videos include her song covers and originals, though she also used to be the host of her own radio show on her channel as well.

Song Releases

As the sole member of INNK Music, it is no surprise that AZKi has released the most original songs out of anyone from Hololive Production. As of April 2021, she has released well over a dozen original singles on top of a full album. AZKi’s singles are also listed with one of three colors to help give listeners an idea of what genre each song belongs to: “AZKi WHiTE” singles have an upbeat pop-style mood, “AZKi ReD” singles are generally more slow and emotional, and “AZKi BLaCK” singles have a heavier instrumentation and more powerful vocals. Aside from her original music, AZKi also uploads cover songs fairly regularly as well. These covers come from a variety of different artists and genres, though her most popular covers are of popular Vocaloid songs like HachiojiP’s “Sweet Devil”, DECO*27’s “Otome Kaibou”, and Shiinamota’s “Q”.

AZKi’s World Pioneering Radio

From February to December 2019, AZKi uploaded episodes of her own radio-style talk show titled “AZKi’s World Pioneering Radio on her channel. In total, twenty episodes were released and usually included a special guest that AZKi would talk with. While Tokino Sora, Natsuiro Matsuri, and Hoshimachi Suisei appeared as guests, non-Hololive VTubers like Tenjin Kotone, Asano Ruri, and several more have also appeared as well.


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