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Sukoya Kana attracted fans with her cute design and openness regarding adult content. At the same time, she expresses genuine positivity and concern for her fans. She tries to communicate and relate with her fans as much as possible, making her an incredibly accessible VTuber.

Sukoya Kana Background

Sukoya Kana is a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. She works as a nurse and wants to bring joy and happiness to as many people as possible. She streams a variety of content including games, chats, ASMR, and songs. Her most notable content comes from her relationship with fellow Nijisanji streamer Shirayuki Tomoe.

Sukoya Kana History

Sukoya made her YouTube debut on September 21, 2019. She proved incredibly popular, reaching 100,000 subscribers in a little over a month after her debut. On March 21, 2020, Sukoya celebrated her six-month anniversary and 150,000 subscriber milestone with a cover of the song "Interviewer." Sukoya then started posting more singing streams and participated in the Nijisanji Singing Stream Rally in April 2020. On May 14, 2020, she announced a membership system for her channel in celebration of her birthday. She commemorated her 200,000 subscriber milestone in June 2020 by debuting her spring-themed outfit. Sukoya received her 3D model on September 12, 2020, a few days before her first anniversary. As of April 2021, Sukoya has over 340,000 subscribers.

Sukoya Kana Physical Description

Sukoya is a young woman with medium-length silver hair and a nurse aesthetic. She wears her hair in messy twin tails flanking the sides of her head. Her long bangs hang low, almost obscuring her magenta eyes. Notably, Sukoya has small fanged teeth, giving her a deranged appearance that contrasts with her nurse design. She wears a white nurse costume accented with magenta crosses on the chest, skirt, and sleeves. Accessories include her cross barrette, syringe, and bandages on her wrist.

Sukoya Kana Personality

Sukoya has an energetic and positive approach to her streams. Given her job as a nurse, she tries to connect with her viewers with a laidback, calming approach over social media. However, she also expresses her weaknesses with certain medical tasks, particularly drawing blood. In her debut, Sukoya revealed her fetish for vomiting. She stressed that she's not attracted to the vomit itself but the vulnerability expressed by the sick person. When playing games, Sukoya can grow intense and frustrated to the point of cursing.

Associated Company

Nijisanji was formed in early 2018 under the digital entertainment company Ichikara Inc. Since starting operations, the company has represented over 200 VTubers through four Japanese and International branches. As of April 2021, 103 VTubers actively produce content under the company's main Japanese branch.


Sukoya is a member of multiple groups within Nijisanji, including her debut cohort, Tulip. Her most notable relationship is with Shirayuki Tomoe, known by the nickname Crossick.


Tulip includes the Nijisanji members that debuted on the same day as Sukoya, Hayase Sou, and Shellin Burgundy. Like other Nijisanji debut groups, the three share a Minecraft server and participate in commemorative events together. For their first anniversary, Tulip performed a cover of "Kyou Mo Harebare" from Vocaloid producer Fuwari-P.


Sukoya and Shirayuki earned the nickname Crossick from their cross-shaped accessories and lovesick nature. Many viewers question the nature of their relationship as they often refer to each other in romantically affectionate terms. This suspicion deepened after the two released a yuri audio drama together in early 2020. They send each other elaborate gifts, including lingerie, and have keys to each other's homes. When asked about their relationship, Sukoya stated that they didn't need to label anything and that their feelings are all that mattered.

Notable Releases/Videos

Sukoya creates a variety of content including gaming streams, singing videos, and chat sessions. She also hosts a radio show-style stream featuring other VTubers as guests.

Identity V

Identity V is a multiplayer horror game developed by NetEase games. Five players participate in a match split up into one Hunter and four Survivors trapped in a mysterious manor. The Hunter tries to eliminate each survivor one-by-one while the Survivors attempt to decode cipher clues to escape. Identity V received praise for its gothic art style and exciting gameplay. It is Sukoya's favorite game and she regularly streams it for two or three-hour sessions.

Sukoyaka Broadcast

Sukoyaka Housou, or Sukoyaka Broadcast, is Sukoya's bi-monthly radio program. The show airs for one hour starting at 8:00 pm Friday nights in Japanese Standard Time. Since the second broadcast, Sukoya has featured a guest for casual chatting and interviews. Originally, her guests consisted of fellow Nijisanji members, such as the other Tulip members. Over time, the lineup expanded to include Hololive members and real-life voice actors. Occasionally, Sukoya takes breaks from her broadcast schedule due to other obligations announced on her Twitter.

Other Activities

Sukoya also does song covers both individually and in duets and groups. She started voice acting in the Bandai Namco multimedia music project Den-On-Bu in summer 2020. Later that year, Sukoya joined the monthly Nijisanji variety show NijiQuiz as a regular panel member.


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