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OtapediaKagami Hayato - VTuber

Kagami Hayato grew his fanbase considerably after he revealed his impressive singing talent. His handsome design and calm personality make him a favorite Nijisanji member among female viewers.

Kagami Hayato Background

Kagami Hayato is a male Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. According to his official profile, he is the CEO of Kagami Industrial, a toy company. He started activities as a VTuber to spread awareness of his company and its products. He streams almost every day starting at 10 pm Japanese Standard Time.

Kagami Hayato History

Kagami debuted on Twitter on July 3, 2019, and performed his first live stream on YouTube three days later. Shortly after his debut, Kagami posted a short preview of his first original song "Within." His singing ability gained him a lot of attention, and he reached his first milestone of 50,000 subscribers by the end of the month. By the end of October, he reached his next milestone of 100,000 subscribers, celebrating with a new costume design. He participated in the February 2020 Nijisanji Japan Tour Shout in the Rainbow live performance. During his performance, Kagami debuted his 3D design. He did his debut 3D live stream on August 10. As of April 2021, Kagami has over 360,000 subscribers.

Kagami Hayato Physical Description

Kagami is a tall man with shaggy brown hair and matching brown eyes. He wears a simple charcoal grey suit with a white button-down shirt. The top button of the shirt is undone to loosen the collar. He has a red pocket square in his lapel and a bronze pin on the suit jacket. Representing his secret personality, he has five ear piercings including an industrial piercing on his right ear and a tragus piercing on the left. Kagami's alternate design reveals more of his true character. In this outfit, he wears a loose graphic t-shirt, necklace, and thick, black frame glasses.

Kagami Hayato Personality

As CEO of a toy company, Kagami maintains a youthful spirit despite the demands of the adult working world. However, due to the nature of his job, he maintains respectful language and etiquette at all times when addressing his viewers. During collaborations, Kagami usually provides commentary or acts as the straight man to others' antics. His solo streams have a calm, relaxing atmosphere. However, Kagami also possesses a competitive spirit and hates to lose. He loves rock and heavy metal music and can perform difficult death metal vocal techniques in his songs.

Kagami Industrial

Kagami Industrial is the name of Kagami's family toy company. Started by his father, Kagami Industrial originally produced heavy machinery and robotics. In a promotional event, the company produced a line of model cars. The cars became an unexpected success and manufacturing expanded to include its now dominant toy line.


SMC is the nickname for Kagami's debut cohort along with Hakase Fuyuki and Yorumi Rena. The name comes from an acronym of the English terms for their professions; Scientist, Magician, and CEO. Kagami's most popular video is a cover of "Sugar Song and Bitter Step" by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN for their six-month anniversary.

le jouet

Kagami is a member of a music trio along with Njisanji members Ryushen and Yumeoi Kakeru. Their name comes from the French word for toys, primarily referring to Kagami's job. All three members love hard rock music and possess a high level of singing talent. They released their first original song, "P.F.M.," on March 14, 2020.

Notable Releases/Videos

Related to his day job, Kagami performed toy reviews during his first year. While he no longer reviews toys, the series has been archived and remains a unique feature of his channel. More often, Kagami plays games popular with VTubers, including APEX Legends and Splatoon. Kagami jumped in popularity with his singing videos, including both covers and original music.

Toy Reviews

In September 2019, Kagami started an impromptu series reviewing model toy kits from popular manufacturers. Most of these toys included anime mecha series models, such as the Zoids line. However, in a more comical entry, he comments on the S.H. Figuarts Severus Snape figure. All reviews were performed without commercial endorsement and contain only his opinion as a toy enthusiast. In his reviews, Kagami assembles the plastic models in real-time, taking up to five hours for a complicated product. Later videos in the series omit background noise so viewers can clearly hear Kagami and the model construction sounds.

Singing Videos

Kagami posted the first preview of his original song "Within" on July 9, 2019. The song features strong heavy rock influences, revealing Kagami's inner self to viewers early on. Kagami shows off both his regular vocal range and death metal screaming techniques. Singing would become a feature of his celebratory chat streams, as seen in his 200,000 subscriber stream. His covers often feature other VTubers, such as the other members of SMC and le jouet. Despite his personal music taste, Kagami's covers feature songs from many genres including J-pop and Vocaloid projects.


Kagami was featured in Nijisanji's 2020 White Day goods along with Mayuzumi Kai and Uzuki Kou. In 2021, Nijisanji released watches designed from the models worn by Kagami and fellow VTuber Yashiro Kizuku.


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