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Kenmochi Touya is a veteran member of Nijisanji known for his endearing rudeness and unexpected quirks. Active across multiple platforms and channels, Kenmochi streams on YouTube less frequently than other VTubers. However, his organizational skills and behind-the-scenes work make him an enduring presence in the Nijisanji community.

Kenmochi Touya Background

Kenmochi Touya is a male Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. According to his profile, Kenmochi is a high school student and a member of his school's kendo club. After watching Tsukino Mito’s streams, he was inspired to audition for Nijisanji.

Kenmochi Touya History

Kenmochi made his YouTube debut on March 14, 2018, as part of Nijisanji's second wave. On May 9, 2018, he reached his first milestone with 50,000 subscribers. In October 2018, he unveiled his 3D model during a YouTube live stream. Kenmochi reached 100,000 subscribers on April 6, 2019. That October, he received an update to his 3D model, revealed during a live stream. In February 2020, he participated in Nijisanji's Shout in the Rainbow! Japan tour at the Fukuoka event. In another milestone, Kenmochi performed his first solo live event on December 9, 2020. Afterwards, he quickly reached 250,000 subscribers. As of April 2021, Kenmochi has over 340,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Kenmochi Touya Physical Description

Kenmochi is a teenage boy with short, dark purple hair and lime green eyes. In his default design, he wears a black school uniform with a kendo sword slung over his shoulder in a lacquered container. He wears his blazer open, revealing a collared shirt, cream sweater, and red plaid tie underneath. Due to his club activities, he usually bandages his hands and carries a small first aid kit on his hips.

As an early member of Nijisanji, Kenmochi has received several costume updates since his debut. For his 50,000 subscribers commemorative costume, he wore his kendo club uniform. His subsequent designs showcase casual, subdued styles. Notable exceptions include his vampire hunter costume and his matching jumpsuit design in collaboration with Fushimi Gaku.

Kenmochi Touya Personality

Kenmochi initially presents himself as a down-to-earth, serious high school student. He dedicates himself to his club activities, sometimes to the point of injury. However, he can be sharp-tongued and ruthlessly teasing when collaborating with other VTubers. He is a self-proclaimed lolicon and determined his own qualification system to assess whether someone is a "loli." As a result, he sends superchats to qualified Nijisanji members like Suzuya Aki and Amamiya Kokoro. Kenmochi has excellent communication and management skills, as seen when he organizes large Nijisanji events. Despite his niche interests and harsh criticisms, viewers, and collaborators find him oddly charismatic.


Togabito is the official name assigned to Kenmochi's partnership with Fushimi Gaku. They live close to each other in Virtual Kanagawa and quickly became friends due to their high level of compatibility. As a result, some of their viewers started to ship them romantically, often teasing Kenmochi for it. Renowned fujoshi Suzuka Utako finds their closeness "staggering."

Notable Releases/Videos

Kenmochi streams less frequently than other VTubers due to the planning required for his content. He tweets multiple times a day and uses the platform to announce his streams and collaborations. His activity on YouTube is irregular, but he usually streams around once or twice per week. He appears more frequently in collaborations on the Nijisanji main channel or other VTuber channels. However, Kenmochi has developed ongoing series and large-scale events hosted on his channel for over three years.

Rap Battles

Kenmochi's rap battles are post-broadcast improv skits related to his radio show, Sharpness Radio. When featuring a guest on Sharpness radio, Kenmochi challenges them to a rap battle during the program. Each battle lasts approximately two minutes, introduced by Kenmochi's rap handle, MC Touya. Kenmochi reposts the segment as a standalone clip on his channel after the radio show ends. As of May 2021, Kenmochi has posted eight rap battles derived from 20 Sharpness Radio broadcasts. His rap battle with Kuzuha is the most popular video on his channel with over 2.9 million views.

Nijisanji Mario Kart Tournament

Kenmochi's greatest contribution to the Nijisanji community is his creation of the annual agency-wide Mario Kart Tournament. The tournament, held every December, started in 2018 with 34 participants. Kenmochi explained the breakdown and participation lottery in a live stream 10 days before the tournament. In the second annual tournament, the participants increased to 67, leading Kenmochi to team up with Nijisanji management to organize and cover the event. Each tournament is divided into qualifying races within competitor blocks and a main race round. In each round, participants compete in four races. The top comprehensive scorers in each block proceed to the next round. In the 2020 third annual race, Kenmochi served as the official moderator with co-chairs Sasaki Saku and Rindou Mikoto.

Other Activities

Starting in June 2018, Kenmochi hosted a monthly broadcast program, Sharpness Radio. The name comes from his pointed, sharp chin in promotional artwork, which fans and fellow VTubers tease him for. After the 19th episode, the segment went on an unexplained hiatus for 200 days. On April 17, 2021, Kenmochi revived the project with a special guest, Suzuka Utako.


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