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OtapediaRindou Mikoto - VTuber

Rindou Mikoto is one of Nijisansji's well-rounded VTubers, covering a variety of content during her streams. She gives her fans a voice during her stream planning, allowing them to select topics and even preferred streaming time. As a result, she’s built a dedicated fanbase and thriving membership community on YouTube.

Rindou Mikoto Background

Rindou Mikoto is a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. Despite her appearance, she is a half-human, half-demon queen over several thousand years old. She started streaming to learn more about human culture.

Rindou Mikoto History

Rindou debuted on YouTube on August 31, 2018. She received her 2.0 brush up for her 2D model in April 2019. The next month, she celebrated her first milestone of 100,000 YouTube subscribers. On September 30, 2019, Rindou debuted her 3D model via YouTube live stream. She participated in the 2020 Nijisanji Japan Tour Shout in the Rainbow! Nagoya event. The Nagoya appearance was the last stop on the tour before its cancellation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. On November 13, 2020, Rindou celebrated reaching 300,000 subscribers with a YouTube live stream. In February 2021, she held a singing live stream to reach 400,000 subscribers. Rindou reached her goal in under two hours. As of April 2021, she has over 410,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 240,000 followers on Twitter.

Rindou Mikoto Physical Description

At first, many people assume Rindou is a child due to her height and body type. Her demonic lineage comes through in her pointed ears, fangs, and long horns protruding from her forehead. Her horns feature a color gradient matching her skin tone and the base and turning lavender at the tips. She has light purple hair styled in low twin tails with bangs parted around her horns. In her bangs, she has one lock of black hair that sticks out away from her face. Her debut outfit is an elaborate, deep purple kimono, cropped short beneath her hips, with furisode sleeves. She wears tall platform shoes, adding several inches to her height. In her alternate outfit, she wears an oversized tan cardigan over a black, sailor-style school uniform. In the winter, she pairs the outfit with a fluffy white scarf.

Rindou Mikoto Personality

Rindou is curious, adventurous, and uninhibited as she explores the human world. As an ancient half-demon, she often uses archaic speech patterns, such as the pronoun "warawa." Rindou loves drinking and frequently hosts drinking parties with other VTubers. Although they rarely stream together, Rindou has a close friendship with Kuzuha that started before their VTuber careers. In early 2021, some viewers thought they heard Kuzuha's voice in the background during one of Rindou's ASMR streams. This started a rumor that the two were in a relationship, inciting backlash on Rindou's channel.

Associated Company

Rindou originally auditioned for Nijisanji's first-generation but was not cast. She auditioned a second time and earned a spot in the second wave of Nijisanji SEEDs. Initially, SEEDs members did not fully intermingle with VTubers outside of their group. However, Nijsanji dissolved the groups at the end of 2018 and integrated all members together.

SKB Club

The SKB Club is a group of four Nijisanji VTubers known for discussing sensitive, "adult" topics. Their name comes from the word "sukebe," meaning pervert or lewdness in Japanese. Each member of SKB Club hosts streams with group members on their respective channels. Many of their streams are dedicated to playing erotic games or sharing dirty stories. However, they also support each other during milestone commemorations and participate in events together, like the annual Nijisanji Mario Kart Tournament. Other SKB Club members include Ange Katrina, Suzuka Utako, and Gundo Mirei.

Notable Releases/Videos

Rindou streams less frequently than other Nijisanji members. She produces a variety of content, ranging from games and song covers to collaborations and exclusive ASMR streams. Rindou often decides the content of her streams through fan polls on Twitter.

Collaboration Videos

Rindou has a group of playlists archiving her collaborations with other VTubers. In addition to playlists containing her group membership streams, Rindou has streams dedicated to her duo partnerships with popular Nijisanji members. For example, her MikoDebi playlist includes her streams with Debidebi Debiru. The content includes gaming, chat streams, and drinking parties. Rindou also archives her appearances on other channels in a compilation playlist. Notably, she frequently collaborates with Honey Strap's Suou Patra, one of Rindou's favorite VTubers outside of Nijisanji.


Rindou plays a variety of games for short streaming series either alone or in small collaborations. She enjoys casual Nintendo games, like Mario Maker 2 and Yoshi's Crafted World. During these series, Rindou would play irregularly for roughly one hour at a time. She often included a gaming partner in her streams as well, particularly in open-ended games like Animal Crossing. In 2021, Rindou started playing more serious titles, such as NieR: Automata and Genshin Impact.

Other Activities

Rindou enjoys singing and streams song covers individually and as part of a Love Live! cover group called "i's." On Twitter, she occasionally posts illustrations to mark her progress as an amateur artist. She also has a membership exclusive ASMR series on YouTube.


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