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On the surface, Suzuhara Lulu is popular due to her cute appearance and elegant charm. However, her occasionally disturbing comments along with her dedication and skill while gaming have earned her an ever-growing fanbase. As of April 2021, she has over 525,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Suzuhara Lulu Background

Suzuhara Lulu is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. Her official backstory describes Suzuhara as a second-year student at an all-girls university. She grew up in a wealthy family and is relatively sheltered as a result. She debuted on YouTube in May 2019.

Suzuhara Lulu History

Suzuhara created her Twitter and YouTube accounts in March 2019. She debuted on YouTube on May 1, 2019, with an hour-long self-introduction stream. In August 2019, Suzuhara revealed her second 2D design during a live stream event. She reached her first milestone of 100,000 subscribers in September 2019. On March 27, 2020, Suzuhara debuted her 3D model in a live stream. As of April 2021, her 3D design reveal remains her third most popular upload on YouTube. She revealed her third 2D design in a live stream on April 7, 2020. In February 2021, Suzuhara surpassed 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. She celebrated the milestone with a song and dance fan service video.

Suzuhara Lulu Physical Description

Suzuhara is a short young woman with ash brown hair that reaches her shoulder and teal eyes. In her default expression, her mouth resembles a "w" shaped, dubbed a "cat-mouth" style by fans. In her first design, Suzuhara wears an intricate, feminine outfit reflecting her upbringing. Her oversized pink cardigan buttons at her waist, revealing a ruffled white button-down shirt underneath. She wears a dark brown ribbon around her neck, fastened with a teal brooch. Teal, yellow, and brown bows adorn her cardigan along with small heart and rabbit-shaped pins. Her full skirt features a brown pinstripe shell pinned up in the front with a teal and yellow bow. A second layer of the skirt reveals a pink and yellow striped pattern and white ruffle around the hem.

In all her designs, Suzuhara wears a hat or accessory on her head. It's a running joke that these accessories are incredibly heavy, weighing over 100 pounds. As a result, she claims she plays games more seriously after removing her hat since it weighs her down.

Suzuhara Lulu Personality

Suzuhara has a very polite and soft-spoken personality as a result of her upbringing. She stated that she started streaming in an attempt to keep up with new trends. However, she regularly makes peculiar comments during her streams. She has claimed her eyeballs can grow back and implies her superhuman strength from the weight of her accessories. This has led fans to question whether she has a dry, outlandish sense of humor or if she's actually inhuman. She rarely gets angry, even when facing frustration and failure during games.

Notable Games and Series

Despite her appearance, Suzuhara tends to play dark action and horror video games. Like other VTubers, she also plays popular casual games such as Minecraft and the Ring Fit Adventure. She likes a variety of games and will try anything, regardless of age or difficulty level.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a 2019 action-adventure game developed by FreeSoftware. The game takes place in a reimagined 17th century Japan and uses aesthetic and world-building elements from Buddhist mythology. Players act as a shinobi called Wolf as he travels in search of revenge on the samurai clan that kidnapped his lord. When Suzuhara began her Sekiro stream, she had only one monitor. As a result, she played the game's early levels by watching her stream and factoring in a visual lag. With this handicap, she managed to defeat the game's first difficult boss, impressing viewers and her Nijisanji cohort.


Bloodborne is a 2015 action-adventure game from developer FreeSoftware for the PlayStation 4. Bloodborne takes place in a gothic city known for its medical advances in blood ministration. The player character travels to the city in search of a cure and discovers the residents have become violent beast-like creatures. Gameplay centers on weapons-based combat and exploration of the city's abject horror. While playing, Suzuhara remains calm and unbothered by a majority of the horrifying visuals on screen. During the streaming series, she reveals her only real fear is spiders.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

In the tradition of Nijisanji members, Suzuhara frequently hosts collaborations and appears as a guest on other channels. Her most significant collaboration relationship to date is with Debidebi Debiru.

Debidebi Debiru

Debidebi Debiru is a demon from an alternate dimension who aims to corrupt the world. Despite their cute voice and stuffed animal-like appearance, Debiru frequently reminds viewers of their power and dangerous nature. They appear in a collaboration with Suzuhara called "DebiLuLu." During these streams, Debiru calls Suzuhara "art student" and attempts to convey their malevolent nature. However, Suzuhara usually ends up scaring Debiru, complementing each other's gap charm. Suzuhara also appeared in Debiru's 3D model debut live stream.

Other Activities

While not a singing VTuber, Suzuhara often performs song and dance routines as fan service for her viewers. As of April 2021, her most viewed video is a cover of Gen Hoshino's "Koi" with over 1 million views.


Suzuhara appeared in Nijisanji's 2021 Valentine's Day merchandise line. She appears along with fellow members Hoshikawa Sara, Shiina Yuika, and Amamiya Kokoro.


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