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Uruha Rushia is a petit necromancer girl that is a member of Hololive’s 3rd Generation. Although she often tries to portray herself as a pure, kind, and timid girl, she can be quick to fly into rage under the right circumstances. Despite her bursts of outrage, however, Rushia has gained an impressive following among the VTuber community and is one of the few VTubers that have gained over a million subscribers.

Uruha Rushia Background

Like several other VTubers from Hololive, Rushia does not really have a specific focus when it comes to her content, but she is generally known for her frustrated outbursts when playing video games. That said, she also uploads videos featuring ASMR, song covers, and so on.

Uruha Rushia History

Prior to her official YouTube debut, both Rushia and Usada Pekora’s name and Twitter account were revealed during a karaoke stream hosted by Hololive on June 24th, 2019. On July 18th that same year, Rushia made her first debut and introduced herself as a young and innocent necromancer-in-training that uses her powers to talk with spirit because she doesn't like being alone. By the end of the year, Rushia had already gained 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and revealed her 3D model. In the following year, Rushia would also receive several alternate outfits for her 2D model and explode in popularity similar to other members of Hololive. In March 2021, Rushia would become one of the few VTubers to gain over one million subscribers.

Uruha Rushia Physical Description

Uruha Rushia is a small, young girl with hair that is normally green but can change to blue or pink depending on which outfit she wears. Her original outfit consists of a blue dress with a butterfly motif, as butterflies are associated with souls that have passed on in some cultures. The neck of her dress also has a skull charm on it, further emphasizing her necromancer design. Her hair in her original outfit is shoulder length and is a light shade of green. While other outfits have different hairstyles, her first outfit has her hair worn in a pair of buns that are held with black ties.

Rushia has also received several alternate outfits to wear as well. Her first was her New Year’s outfit, which consists of a pink and blue kimono that is decorated with cherry blossoms and butterflies. Her hair is also considerably longer and is now a shade of blue that changes to pink toward the bottom. Her other alternate outfit includes a black and white dress that is decorated with strips of ruffled ribbons and a pair of white thigh-high socks. Rushia’s hair is also light pink and is worn in twin tails, though she can swap out this hairstyle for her classic one as well.

Uruha Rushia Personality

Most of the time, Rushia portrays herself as a cute, yet soft-spoken girl that can be easily flustered when talking with others. She also seeks attention from her viewers quite often and will often ask them for praise and affection while streaming. That said, there are many times where Rushia becomes incredibly frustrated with a game that she is playing and has an outburst of rage. During one of these episodes, Rushia often screams out loud and bangs on her desk. Mario Kart 8 is a particularly infuriating game for her and causes her to unleash a howling scream when things when bombarded with items. Rushia is also quite sensitive about the size of her chest and is quick to upset when viewers and other VTubers tease her about it. That said, Rushia truly cherishes her viewers and can be quite open to them at times.

Associated Company

Uruha Rushia is a member of Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that is owned by Cover Corporation. Although it has branches in several parts of the world, its largest branch is its Japanese-speaking branch. Hololive Japan currently has seven different generations, with Rushia being a part of the 3rd Generation. The 3rd Generation consists of five different VTubers: Usada Pekora, Houshou Marin (Marine), Shirogane Noel, Shiranui Flare, and Rushia herself. This generation is also currently the only generation from the Japan branch to have a theme, which for this generation is “Fantasy”.

Notable Series

While Rushia hosts a variety of different kinds of content on her YouTube channel, some of her most popular game streams include her playthroughs of Undertale and Pokemon Sword/Shield.


Undertale is an indie game that took the gaming world by storm after it was originally released in 2015. Around the beginning of 2021, however, members of Hololive like Houshou Marine, Shirakami Fubuki, Amane Kanata, and many more would end up playing Undertale around the same time. Rushia began her playthrough of the game on February 16th, 2021, and went through all three major routes that the game has to offer. Due to the emotional story of the game and notoriously difficult boss fights, Rushia showed a wide range of emotions from sadness to fury, making it one of her more popular series of streams.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

Rushia is also known to be a fairly large fan of the Pokemon series. This has led to several streams of Pokemon Sword/Shield where she does things like playing through the story, trading Pokemon with others, and fighting random online battles. On December 28th, 2020, Rushia would participate in a collaborative Pokemon Sword/Shield stream with Omaru Polka that was broadcasted on NicoNico. In this stream, both VTubers had three hours to play through the game’s story mode and create a team that they would use to fight each other at the end.


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