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Tokoyami Towa is a Japanese VTuber that is a member of Hololive’s 4th Generation, which includes other VTubers like Amane Kanata, Kiryu Coco, Tsunomaki Watame, and Himemori Luna. Although she claims to be a devil, her sweet, caring personality and emotional, powerful voice has resonated with an impressive number of viewers.

Tokoyami Towa Background

As a member of Hololive, Tokoyami Towa is a VTuber that hosts a wide variety of content on her channel that ranges from gaming, singing, crafting, and chatting. That said, Towa is mainly known for her unique singing voice and playing games in the first-person shooting genre.

Tokoyami Towa History

Tokoyami Towa made her original YouTube debut on January 3rd, 2020, making her the first Hololive VTuber to officially debut in 2020. On July 22nd, 2020, Towa announced that she would be revealing a 3D model for her character in an upcoming stream, which later took place on July 26th, making her the last member of the 4th Generation to make her 3D debut. On this same day, Towa uploaded a cover of Vocaloid producer Niki’s song, “Error”, which is by far Towa’s most popular upload on her channel and has over 4 million views as of April 2021. Shortly after this, Towa reached 200,000 subscribers on her channel. Approximately two months later, on October 24th, Towa made her first major live concert performance in the second “Cinderella Switch”, which is a part of “Hololive Virtual Live Series in VARK”. Towa also received a minor update to her Live2D model on December 20th. On February 17th, 2021, Towa would debut her first original song, “Palette”, during Hololive’s first original music concert, “Bloom”.

Tokoyami Towa Physical Description

Tokoyami Towa is a young devil girl with long, purple, and pink hair worn in twin tails, light green eyes, and a thin devil’s tail. Her main outfit consists of a black top that is covered with a short white jacket that leaves her stomach exposed, a matching pair of black shorts, and a pair of black, bright green, and purple sneakers. Unlike most other members of Hololive, Towa’s main outfit also has her wearing several piercings, which can be found in her ears and navel. She also wears a black hat with devil horns, though this hat is actually her pet and mascot named Bibi.

For New Year’s Day 2021, Towa also received a special outfit to celebrate the holiday. This more traditional Japanese-style dress consists of a white and black checkerboard patterned kimono that is covered with a long black skirt that is tied below her chest and fades to a shade of magenta toward the bottom. The outfit also includes a pair of tall black boots and a large hair ornament made up of black, pink, and purple flowers. Towa’s hair is also braided, rather than tied up into twin tails, but can also be changed to a shoulder-length style as well.

Tokoyami Towa Personality

Although Tokoyami Towa is a devil and consistently tries to convince her viewers that she is evil, Towa always displays a personality that is sweet, caring, and considerate. This has led to her viewers calling her “T.M.T.”, which stands for Towa Maji Tenshi and is essentially calling Towa an angel. She sometimes attempts to be mischievous and tries to devilishly prank others, but these attempts are often too innocent in nature to be called evil. While Towa is incredibly kindhearted, she is also easily frustrated when it comes to playing games. This is especially easy to see in notoriously difficult games like Getting Over It, where in one particular stream, Towa said she would stop streaming if she lost her temper. Towa only managed to play the game for eight minutes.

Associated Company

Tokoyami Towa is one of the many different members of Hololive Production, a large, Japan-based VTuber agency that manages over 50 individual VTubers in various areas of the world. Hololive Production is owned by Cover Corporation, a company that originally developed software for AR and VR platforms before its CEO shifted focus to producing “virtual idols” after being inspired by characters like Kizuna Ai and groups like AKB48. While the agency often lets the VTubers it manages stream on their own channels, Hololive also organizes special events and collaborations that several members participate in as well. Such examples include live concerts, special collaborative streams, and collaborations with popular companies like Sanrio, Bushiroad, Tsukumo, and more.

Notable Series

While a majority of Towa’s streams involve her playing APEX Legends, Towa also has organized a few large-scale collaborations with multiple other members of Hololive, much like Ookami Mio.

APEX Legends

Many VTubers from Hololive play APEX Legends on their channels, but this particular game makes up most of the content on Towa’s channel. While she can often be seen playing casual matches with others or raising up her rank in the competitive mode, Towa often collaborates with other VTubers outside of Hololive in her APEX streams. A few non-Hololive VTubers that often make appearances on Towa’s channel include Shiina Yuika, Ichinose Uruha, Wokka, and Miyako Seto.

Large Scale Collaborations

While Ookami Mio is often associated with creating larger collaborations within Hololive, Towa has organized a few streams that have involved an impressive lineup of members as well. Perhaps her most well-known example is the “Hololive New Year’s Cup”, which was a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament that featured over two dozen Hololive members and is currently Towa’s most viewed gaming stream on her channel. Aside from this Mario Kart collaboration, Towa has also organized streams of Among Us with several members as well.


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