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OtapediaYui Ishikawa Voice Actress - Attack on Titan

Yui Ishikawa (石川 由依, Ishikawa Yui), was born on May 30, 1989 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She is both a Japanese actress and voice actress. As of recently she was affiliated with Sunaoka Office, but is now with mitt management as of May 11, 2019. Prior to becoming a voice actress, Ishikawa played roles on stage. Her first anime series voice actress debut was in a children’s anime called “Oden-kun” in 2005. In addition to her major role as Mikasa Ackermann, in the anime series Attack on Titan, she has played roles in famous franchises such as China Kousaka in Gundam Build Fighters and Sayuri Haruno in Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie.

Mikasa Ackermann

Ishikawa voices Mikasa Ackermann in the Attack on Titan anime series. Mikasa is usually seen wearing a white blouse and a red scarf that her brother Eren gave her. She has short black hair, and is depicted as a strong woman with a skill for combat, initiative, and strong love for family. Mikasa is calm and collected, even through stressful and intense situations, she has the ability to defeat enemy monster Titans with relative ease.

Ishikawa said in an interview, playing the role of Mikasa was difficult. Since she was younger she had been involved in dance and performing on stage where she had to showcase various emotions. However, Mikasa is a strong character and a complete opposite that does not express many emotions at all.

“I think the larger the emotional expressions of the character, the more expressions I can think of however, Mikasa is a character that has a strong heart and does not show much emotion, but I do feel she is holding a big secret. At the moment, there has not been much feedback on how I have been expressing Mikasa, but I am always worried if I am expressing her correctly.''

Ishikawa also appreciates the serious storyline and unique atmosphere; getting into character during recording has been much easier lately. She states that this is because when recording everyone in the room all feel a sense of nervousness. Especially with the addition of new characters in Season 2. This allowed her to concentrate better during recordings.

For Season 2 she decided not to read too far into the manga so that the emotions and reactions during recording would be more natural. “This time, for my emotions to be as natural as possible I decided not to read over the script multiple times. The recordings are coming along slowly, so even I do not know how the story will proceed in detail. However, I do know that Season 2 will showcase some new characters.”


Before starting as a voice actress, she was a stage actress and had been voicing radio dramas since 2007. Her first debut in a voice acting role was in 2005 in a children's anime called, Oden-kun (おでんくん) as a squid (イカちゃん). Her career kicked off in the anime industry ever since her role as Mikasa Ackermann in the anime series Attack on Titan. Since then, she has voiced for Attack on Titan OVAs, anime films such as Miyoko Sahara (A Silent Voice), video games such as YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) (Nier: Automata) and various radio and audio recordings.

Her popularity has grown and is shown when she won an award for Best Supporting Actress. She also has a Twitter account with 26.1K followers as of Jan, 18, 2020, where she posts various updates about her upcoming projects. She has also attended anime conventions around the world, including Sakura-Con in Seattle, Otakuthon in Montreal, and Japan Expo in Paris, and Madman Anime Festival in Brisbane.


  • 8th Seiyu Awards in 2014, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress. As Mikasa Ackermann in Attack on Titan.

Most Recent Roles in Anime

Here is a brief list of the most recent toles Yui Ishikawa has played in an anime series.

  • 2013 - Present: Attack on Titan series a sMikasa Ackermann
  • 2013: Pokémon Origins as Reina
  • 2013: Gundam Build Fighters as China Kousaka
  • 2013: Lupin III: Princess of the Breeze - Hidden City in the Sky as Yutika
  • 2014: Mushishi as Daughter
  • 2014: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as Reira Akaba
  • 2014: Aikatsu! as Hinaki Shinjō
  • 2014: Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie as Sayuri Haruno
  • 2015: Fafner in the Azure: Exodus as Mimika Mikagami
  • 2015: Seraph of the End as Shigure Yukimi
  • 2015: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Kou (child)
  • 2015: Attack on Titan: Junior High as Mikasa Ackermann
  • 2016: Ushio and Tora as Kaori
  • 2016: Qualidea Code as Canaria Utara
  • 2016: Girlish Number as Koto Katakura
  • 2017: Eromanga Sensei as Tomoe Takasago
  • 2017: Aikatsu Stars! as Hinaki Shinjō
  • 2018: Fate/Extra Last Encore as Hakuno Kishinami (Female)
  • 2018: Violet Evergarden as Violet Evergarden
  • 2018: Devils' Line as Tsukasa Taira
  • 2018: Cells at Work! Rookie as Red Blood Cell
  • 2019: Kemono Friends 2 as Kyururu
  • 2019: Azur Lane as USS Enterprise (CV-6)
  • 2019: Assassins Pride as Elise Angel
  • 2020: Smile Down the Runway as Honoka Tsumura


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