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After Attack on Titan became a hit among both the manga and anime communities, an incredible variety of merchandise was created to take advantage of the series’ popularity. Like many other incredibly popular merchandise for manga and anime series, there are a plethora of figures, cosplay costumes, apparel, and toys that fans can view and purchase from plenty of locations both in-store and online.

Attack on Titan Figures

One of the most common ways a fan can choose to appreciate a specific character on a deeper level than simply watching or reading the series itself is buying a figure of that character. Attack on Titan is no exception to this, and there are dozens upon dozens of different characters and styles to choose from. Some fans may desire the cuter chibi style of figure that Nendoroids and Funko Pop figures provide, while others may prefer the more true-to-form figures provided by companies like Max Factory and Banpresto. While figures can simply be bought by fans of a specific character, some fan artists and cosplayers may choose to purchase a figure as an aid to help them figure out a specific pose that the character would make. While the price of a given figure can vary depending on size and overall quality, most new figures generally go between $50 and $200 USD, though some figures can be as cheap as $15 or as expensive as $1,000. Fans looking to purchase figures should be careful, however, as bootleg and counterfeit figures do exist.

Attack on Titan[Uniforms and Cosplay

Since Attack on Titan has come to be known as a worldwide hit, many fans decide to attend events like conventions around the world dressed up in cosplay as some of their favorite characters. Some stores offer pre-made costumes that are available for purchase, though veteran cosplayers would likely choose to create their own costumes, assuming they have the resources to do so. Though there are times they wear more casual clothing, main characters like Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi all generally wear the same uniform, the Survey Corps uniform. This collection of clothing often includes a white undershirt, a light brown jacket, a short green cloak, and brown knee-high boots. Some characters also add their own twist to the uniform, like Mikasa’s red scarf. Prices for pre-made uniforms can depend on the material used, but can range from around $15 to $70. Cosplayers looking to complete the look of a character from the series can also purchase a (non-functional) replica of the 3D maneuvering gear as well, though these replicas often start at around $80.

Apparel and other Wearable Merchandise

Many clothing designs have been inspired by various aspects of the Attack on Titan franchise as well. One of the common features to appear on Attack on Titan themed clothing is likely the “Wings of Freedom” badge, the symbol of the Survey Corps. Other kinds of clothing like leggings feature designs based on the muscular Colossal Titan and the slacks and harnesses used for the Survey Corps uniform. Things like backpacks can also easily be found as well, and even come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, depending on the manufacturer. A leading maker of watches named INDEPENDENT also launched a collaboration with Attack on Titan that resulted in the creation of two unique watches for the series’ 10th anniversary. These watches were inspired by Eren Jaeger and Captain Levi. Each watch is made with a high-quality strap made with genuine leather and has its respective character engraved into the back of the watch. Both watches were sold for $375. Back in October of 2019, another collaboration between Attack on Titan and a glasses manufacturer named Yabushita Group also led to the creation of two different types of officially licensed glasses. These two designs were given the names “Eren & Mikasa” and “Erwin & Levi” respectively. The sportswear brand Adidas also collaborated with the series to create a line of products that featured the “Wings of Freedom” badge and the outlines of either Eren or Levi.

Other Merchandise

Back in September 2013, Koubutsu-ya announced that it would release three different kinds of perfume based on the Attack on Titan characters Eren, Mikasa, and Levi. Eren’s perfume is made with the aromas of bergamot, lemon, lime, mint, anise, nutmeg, cedar, and musk to highlight the protagonist’s passionate, straightforward nature. Mikasa’s perfume contains the aromas of cassis liqueur, berries, plum, rose, and cedar to match her level-headed personality and her soft spot for Eren. Finally, Levi’s perfume spells out his reliability and his desire for cleanliness by including aromas of soap, iris, cedar, and musk. These 30ml bottles were originally available for pre-order from Koubutsu-ya’s website and sold for around $58. Many kinds of Attack on Titan themed toys have been released to date as well. These toys can range from dolls, to plushes, to even Attack on Titan themed board games like Monopoly.


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