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OtapediaAttack on Titan Part 2: Wings of Freedom - Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Part 2: Jiyuu no Tsubasa ( Shingeki no Kyojin Kōhen Jiyū no Tsubasa, Attack on Titan Sequel - Wings of Freedom-) is the second recap movie of the Attack on Titan anime series based on the Attack on Titan manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It depicts the episodes 14 to 25 of the first season of the anime series. It was released in theaters all across Japan on June 27, 2015 and broadcasted on the local Japanese TV network, MBS, on January 3, 2017.

This recap movie tells the story of two main arcs: the 104th Training Corps Arc and the Female Titan Arc. It also contains a final scene which links this movie with the second season of the anime series. The promotional trailer was aired with the song, Jiyuu no Daishou, by Linked Horizon. It also contained a new dubbing and remastering in 5.1 channels. In addition, the cast members of the film and characters depicted in the anime series remained the same. Tetsuro Araki directed the film under the production of Wit Studio, with music composer Hiroyuki Sawano.


In a parallel universe where humanity must live behind steel sky-high walls to protect themselves from gigantic humanoid creatures known as Titans.The safety of these walls rests in the hands of a few brave soldiers. Peace among the community is abruptly interrupted by the destruction of a Colossal
that appeared and breached Wall Maria. Eren Jaeger, a young boy who lost his mother that day, decided to join the military in order to take revenge against the Titans.

Five years later, the Colossal Titan appears again and breaks Wall Rose. A tough battle took place in the invasion of the Titans at the Trost District, during which it was discovered that Eren had the ability to transform himself into a Titan. Eren decided to use his powers for the good of humanity. He was successful in his attempt to seal the hole the Titans had made in Wall Rose, and secures victory against the Titans.

While he was still in training in the 104th Training Corps, Eren combated with comrade soldier, Annie Leonhart, and was defeated by her. At first reluctant, he eventually accepted Annie's teachings. She taught him various fighting techniques that would help him subdue an opponent using minimum power and showed him how to utilize his strength and power.

After Eren had revealed his Titan form, he was imprisoned due to fear he would attack fellow soldiers and civilians. He was sentenced to a trial deeming whether he was to remain with humanity or be released beyond the walls with the Titans. Military Commander-in-Chief, Dhalis Zacharis who lead the trial, stated that concealing Eren’s existence would be impossible, and therefore would have to make a public statement to avoid inside conflicts. Nile Dawk of the Military Police Brigade who was opposed to keeping Eren within the Walls, proposed an immediate execution of Eren due to fear of his existence. Erwin advocated to make Eren an official member of the Survey Corps in order to use his powers to reclaim Wall Maria. A verdict was reached and Eren became a needed ally to the military and humanity.

Eren devoted himself to intense training to control his new Titan powers. Hange Zoë also used her intellect to help him as much as she could. However, Eren failed to control his powers.

During an expedition, the Female Titan appeared and attacked military soldiers that were scouting new territory. Armin realized that the Titan was not like the other Titans, it possessed intelligence. He concluded that it might also be a shifting Titan like Eren.

The soldiers tried to save Eren from being kidnapped and eaten by the Female Titan. During their confrontation they realized that the Female Titan was fellow comrade, Annie Leonheart. After being trapped by the rest of the team, she encased herself in a crystal-like shield to protect herself. Levi appeared and broke her shield. She was then taken back to headquarters and kept by the Survey Corps to avoid any potential attacks.

While Annie remained underground, a group of former 104th Training Corps soldiers ventured off to a dangerous uncharted territory without authorization.

Hange, Mobilt, and other Survey Corps members arrived to rescue them from being torn to shreds by a Titan. During the battle, the Titan had punctured a hole in Wall Sina and the area where Annie was kept, revealing her to the others who were not informed of the Survey Corps keeping Annie and Eren in Titan form. They looked in horror and fear.

Once the hole was sealed, Hange questioned Nick about the Survey Corps keeping a Titan within the Wall, which Nick refused to answer. Angered by Nick's attitude, Hange grabbed Nick by the collar and threatened to push him outside of the Wall. She asked him again about the Titan, as well as some other suspicions she had. Nick challenged her to a duel. He proposed that if he lost he would tell her everything that he knew and if he won they would never speak of what happened. She lost the duel and honored the terms of the duel.


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