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OtapediaArmin Arlelt - Attack on Titan

Armin Arlert is the childhood friend of Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackermann. When compared to the other two, Armin would be considered to be the “brains” of the group. With his strong intellect, judgement, wits, and a great sense of teamwork, he often takes the lead when planning strategies. Although he is intelligent, he is a character who often lacks courage and is seen doubting himself and being overly analytical about his own abilities. However, in tides of battle, his ability to think of solutions make him a valuable part of any team.

After the Colossus Titan appeared, Armin was able to escape from the Shiganshina District with both of his parents. However, both his mother and father were lost in the recovery mission to retake Wall Rose (Chapter 15, Volume 4).

While he was often picked on by bullies in his childhood, Eren and Mikasa always come running to his aide, like in the first episode of the first season of the anime. Armin is always watched over by the two like a little brother, which makes him feel that he is always relying on people to fight his battles. However, while he is often withdrawn and usually keeps to himself, he later becomes reliable when it matters (Attack on Titan Guidebook p. 40).


  • Name: Armin Arlert
  • Date of Birth: April 7
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Birthplace: Shiganshina
  • Appearance: Short blonde-hair, frail stature, wears the Survey Corps uniform with a white shirt and long boots.

From a young age, Armin was curious and inquisitive about many things, especially the outside world. After reading his grandfather’s book, Eren was the only one who shared his interest in going beyond the walls. However, Armin’s curiosity about exploring the world is what got him bullied and, at some point, was even called a “heretic” (Season 1, Episode 1). It also doesn’t help that he always had a meek and frail physical appearance. While it is true that he lacks physical strength, his brains and courage make up for it and eventually ends up saving numerous lives.

While Armin is intelligent, analytical, and naturally curious about how the world works, he is often emotional and empathic. Despite this, however, he holds a strong sense of justice and self-sacrifice, as he had killed another to save his comrade Jean Kirstein. Even though he knows he did it to protect his friend, Armin clearly suffers an internal battle in trying to justify the murder (Season 3, Episode 2).

“Royal government policy says that even having an interest in going to the outside world is taboo”, to which Eren replies: “In other words, the king is a coward”.

While Armin was mediocre as a soldier in terms of combat and stamina, he presented attributes of a genius through technical skills (Chapter 18, Volume 4) (Attack on Titan Guidebook p. 41). However, when the time came, he was willing to sacrifice himself for the people that he cared about, as well as humanity itself.

A Natural Strategist

Armin shows off his skill as a strategist. His sharp thinking allows him to bring victories for the Survey Corp as a soldier.

Throughout the story of Attack on Titan, Armin quickly became the central figure in the creation of several major plans. His first strategy involved retaking the supply during the defense of the Trost District (Chapter 8, Volume 2).
After joining the Survey Corps, he created a plan to restrain Annie and divert the Female Titan, (Chapter 32, Volume 8). Armin also proposes and devises a plan to take a small team to quickly cover the breach in Wall Rose (Chapter 37, Volume 9) (Guidebook Page 43).

Armin does not embody the skills and talents of the typical soldier, as he lacks the strength and combat instincts to gain the upper hand in battle through sheer power. Instead, he presents another aspect of a soldier that may be just as important, the strategist who put plans into action and plays a key role in battles. Through his cunning and intelligence, he gained notoriety among the Survey Corps throughout the series, so much so that even Commander Erwin and Captain Levi began to take notice.

“Knowledge is power”

Armin becomes a Titan

Later in the series, in a suicidal effort to try and sacrifice himself for the sake of others, Armin is faced with death and is badly burned by steam from Bertolt’s Titan form.

Erwin, the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps, was also badly injured, leaving both characters on the brink of death. The only way to save them is through a Titan injection, though they only had one dose they could use. Levi, Eren, Mikasa and the rest of the team argue about who should receive the injection. Eren begged Levi to use the Titan injection to revive Armin.

Eventually, the teams decided that Armin should receive the injection. As a result, Armin turns into a pure Titan and the episode ends with scenes of Armin eating a helpless Bertolt. By eating Bertolt, the owner of the Colossus Titan powers, Armin gains the powers of the Colossus titan and reverts back into a human.


Armin Arlert Becomes New Owner Of Colossal Titan Power
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