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OtapediaConnie Springer - Attack on Titan

Connie Springer is a member of the 104th Training Corps. He is from a village called Ragako, located South within Rose Wall and his greatest ambition is to make his village and family proud. Even though he has a small build, he graduated from the Training Corps with high marks, ranking 8th in his class. His high physical ability, especially his good sense of balance helped him achieve the rank considering his poor academic results. After graduation, he was originally planning to join the military police. However, upon hearing Eren Jaeger’s enthusiastic speech in front of his peers, he decides to join the Survey Corps to fight the Titans.


  • Name: Connie Springer
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Date of birth: May 2nd
  • Age: 15
  • Birthplace: Ragako Village, South of Rose Wall
  • Appearance: Distinctive bald brown hair with a small frame


  • Mrs. Springer (mother)
  • Mr. Springer (father, deceased)
  • Martin Springer (brother, deceased)
  • Sunny Springer (sister, deceased)


Connie Springer can be described as a character who gets carried away easily. He starts off as a character who would not take his training seriously and describes himself as a genius. He has a poor comprehension ability and he would constantly misunderstand strategies. He enjoys goofing around with his friends, especially with Sasha Blouse since the two of them are both from Rose Wall. They are often seen joking around and getting into trouble together. He is a bit slow to think and can be thickheaded, but he values friendship and cares a lot about his fellow members. He is a character that brightens up the group/situation with a bit of a laugh, however, he becomes more serious as he encounters multiple Titans throughout the series.

When Sasha passed away later in the series, Connie informs the crew about her death and tells Eren what her final words were, with tears dropping down his cheeks. After her burial, he explains his relationship with Sasha as if they were like 'twins’.

Significant Events: Connie’s Village

In chapter 35 of the manga, a group of Titans were found in Wall Rose. After finding out that the pack of Titans came from the direction of his village, Connie asks the group leader if he could go to his village. He quotes “I know that.. even if I go now… it would be hopeless… But I have to go…”. Connie decides to check their safety by heading to the village with Reiner Braun and Bertolt.

The three arrived at the village but all they found was a deserted village with damaged buildings with no corpse but no sign of people escaping. Connie rushes to his home and he finds a single Titan stuck in his home. When the titan and Connies eyes meet, the Titan quietly speaks to him and says “welcome home”. Left dazed and confused, Connie explains to his friends that the Titan spoke to him but he was denied and ignored.

Later after the battle was over, Connie revisits his village with Hange Zoe and the investigating team. They realise that all the buildings had been blown apart from the inside and that not even a single bloodstain was found. Most importantly, not even a single resident of the Ragako Village had been found and the total number of Titans discovered and defeated matched with the number of individuals who lived there. With further investigation of the immobilized Titan in his house, Connie compares the Titan with a portrait of his mother. He then starts to realise that the Titan is in fact his crippled mother. Connie quotes “So.. All I have left is this picture… And my mum”. “Who is it… Who would do this to us… I definitely.. Won’t forgive them”. The reality was, his whole village was decimated by Beast Titan and every single person living in the village had been turned into Pure Titans.

From the result of this event, Hange Zoe was able to make advancements in her research on the Titans as Connie’s mother is the only Titan to ever be let inside the Walls alive. Her survival is justified by her relationship with Connie. Through this event the story plot thickens bringing more depth to the Titan story. Also, Connie’s mother is the second Pure Titan in the series to show the ability to be able to speak (the first is the Talking Titan). In Addition Hange was able to deduct that Titans were in fact once human beings, before making the transformation into a Titan. The means was still unknown at this point.

Voice Actor

The voice over of Connie Springer in the Japanese Attack on Titan anime is performed by Hiro Shimono. Shimono is a 39 year old veteran voice actor who has performed many notable roles including; Keima Katsuragi in The World God Only Knows, Norifuma KawaKami in Ace of Diamond, Dabi in My Hero Academia and more.

The voice over of Connie Springer in the English dubbed Attack on Titan anime is performed by Clifford Chapin. Clifford is a 32 year old American voice actor who has been active since 2013. He has performed voice overs for many characters including; Hideoyoshi Nagachika in Tokyo Goul, Yuri Dreyar in Fairy Tail, Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, Shingo Wakamoto in Prison School and more.


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