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OtapediaAttack on Titan: Roar of Awakening - Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: Roar of Awakening is the third compilation movie of the Attack on Titan anime adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. This movie retells the Clash of the Titans Arc, which takes place in Episodes 26 to 37 of the anime. In other words, this movie picks up at the end of the second recap movie, Wings of Freedom, and ends with the final episode in Season 2. This film was directed by Tetsuro Araki and produced by Wit Studio. It was released in Japan on January 13, 2018.


After Annie Leonhart encases herself in a crystal and is carted away by the Survey Corps, it is revealed that there is the face of a Titan inside one of the walls. As such, Section Commander Hange Zoë attempts to get some information out of Pastor Nick, who seems to know something about the Titans within the Wall. However, even though Hange uses threats to get an answer out of him, Pastor Nick refuses to speak. Hange decides that her interrogation isn’t leading anywhere and gives up, but begins to wonder if all of the Walls have Titans hidden inside of them.

Twelve hours prior, Section Commander Miche Zacharius observed a group of Titans out in the distance. He immediately sends out Tomas to alert Commander Erwin in Stohess that there are Titans coming. He asks if someone is familiar with the area, and Sasha states that she has a good knowledge of those terrain and speaks for Connie as well. Connie realizes that the Titans are coming from where his home village was. Since Titans are threatening his home, he offers to join the south team, but requests to visit his village after alerting Erwin, which Miche allows.

Once he arrives at his village, Connie only finds ruined houses and empty streets. Desperate, he rides around on his house, hoping to find his family is safe and sound, but when he arrives, he only finds a Titan laying on top of his ruined house. Then suddenly, the Titan speaks to him and says “Wel… come… home…”.

Some time later at Utgard Castle, due to the great number of Titans that surrounding the area, Krista, a former member of the 104th Training Corps, expresses her desire to fight to the death in an effort. Ymir scolds Krista, saying that she wants to use her superiors’ deaths as an excuse to die as a hero. Then, Ymir approaches Connie, asking for his knife. She asks Krista to remember the promise they made to each other years ago during their training days. At that time, Ymir had asked Krista to promise her that once her own secret is revealed, Krista would also take back her legitimate name in return. With Connie’s knife in hand, Ymir runs off the tower to face all of the mindless Titans that were approaching them. She takes the knife to her palm and cuts it, which reveals her secret ability to transform into a Titan. At that moment, Reiner and Bertholt look on in horror as they recognize that Ymir’s Titan is the same one that devoured their friend five years before.

Later on, after the Survey Corps successfully regroup atop Wall Rose, Reiner and Bertholdt end up revealing their true identities as well. Energy begins to surround them in front of a shocked Eren as the two explode on top of the Wall and transform into the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan respectively. Bitterly accepting that those who he thought were his friends are actually traitors to humanity, Eren transforms into his Attack Titan form and prepares to fight against Reiner. However, Eren and Ymir are eventually kidnapped by Reiner and Berthold and are taken to the Forest of Giant Trees in the southwestern lands of Wall Maria. The Survey Corps attempt to rescue him.

During the rescue mission, Titans start to approach both the kidnappers and the Survey Corps. While hiding up in the trees, Eren recognizes one of the mindless Titans as the one who ate his mother and Hannes right before his eyes: the Smiling Titan. Fueled with frustration, rage, and helplessness, Eren lets out a scream and punches Titan. This caused newfound power to awaken that controls the mindless Titans and compelled them to eat the Smiling Titan. Reiner’s group refers to this power as the “Coordinate”.

Shortly after this event, Erwin is seen recovering from his injuries in Trost District. There, he has a discussion with Commander Pixis and Captain Levi. Hange also visits them and explains the recent findings that she and some of her colleagues came across in Ragako, Connie’s village. According to her evidence, the Titans that invaded Wall Rose were, indeed, citizens of Ragako, suggesting that Titans are actually humans. Once they explain all this information, Levi begins to worry, as he has possibly spent many years of his life in the military killing humans instead of the monsters he thought he was killing. Hange attempts to calm him down, saying that she does not have enough conclusive proof to confirm her theory just yet. Meanwhile, Erwin simply stays quiet, something that bothers Levi. When Levi asks him about his rather neutral reaction, Erwin states that humanity is taking large steps that are bringing them closer to the truth about the world they live in.


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