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OtapediaAttack on Titan: Counter Rockets - Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: Counter Rockets, also known as Attack on Titan: Hangeki no Noroshi is a short web series based on the live-action adaptation films, Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan: End of the World. There are three episodes with the same cast from movies. As a spin-off, it tells a completely new story about the daily lives and secrets of various characters, particularly on Hans’ (the live action counterpart for Hange Zoe) Titan research and the creation of the maneuvering gear.


The web series is categorized as drama and psychological thriller. Directors for each episode are as follows: Episode 1 was directed by Kimiyoshi Adachi, Episode 2 was directed by Katsuro Onoue, and Episode 3 was directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura. This spin-off was produced by Toho, and the running time of each episode is thirty minutes. The first episode was released on August 15, 2015 on dTV, a Japanese content distribution website.

Cast and Characters

The cast for this series includes "Hans" (the live action counterpart for Hange Zoe), played by Satomi Ishihara; "Sasha", played by Nanami Sakuraba; "Fushi", played by Shu Watanabe; "Lil", played by Rina Takeda; and "Yunohira", played by Yu Kamio. Along with these recurring cast members, a new character named "Izuru" is played by Yuta Hiraoka.


Here is a brief outline of the 3 episodes in the series.

Episode 1: Hans

The story begins as the soldiers are trying to figure out how to fight and actually kill the Titans. Izuru, the head of security, meets with Titan researchers who show him the possible ways of killing Titans. Hans, being the Titan manic, tells them the ideas presented would not work. Izuru then becomes curious about Hans' research lab.

Later, Izuru discovers that Hans has been hiding a Titan in her secret basement. Although it is likely considered dangerous, it has helped her study the Titan up close and learn many details about them. She figures out the weak spot of the Titan, which could be a key to terminate Titans in general. Their weak spot is at the back of their necks. Since Titans are gigantic, it is impossible to get close without getting attacked. Eventually, Hans comes up with a solution by inventing the 3D-maneuver gear. She uses the device to show how it works to the others, but foolishly crashes into a wall. Despite the less promising pitch, Izura decides to invest in her idea and supports her to further develop the device.

Episode 2: Sasha

This story is totally different from Episode 1, as it reflects on Sasha Blouse's past. Although this episode goes into her backstory, it also details her love of potatoes as well. In a small village in the woods, Sasha lives with her parents. As she grows up, she realizes her skill as both an archer and a hunter. One day, she is forced to leave her home because of a Titan attack. Soon later, she joins the Scout Regiment. While she is at the camp, she becomes suspicious of a young boy that delivers food to their camp. Since she is sensitive around food, she suspects that the boy might be stealing their supply of potatoes and begins to teach him a lesson

Meanwhile, Armin Arlelt (played by Kanata Hongo) appears for a moment and offers his potatoes to Sasha. She looks up at him as if he had become "Armin, the Potato God" because of his generosity. This episode shows why they get along very well throughout the whole Attack on Titan series.

Episode 3: Fukushi and Lil

This story is much like a romantic comedy that involves Fukushi and Li, two of the live-action film's original characters. Lil is known for being strong and energetic, two qualities that made her hard to beat. She is also quite popular among men. Fukushi comes along and, like many that came before him, he is beaten by Lil and falls in love with her. Eventually, these two come to surprise everyone by announcing their marriage. Lil then finds out that Fukushi was always pampered by two pretty women whenever he was injured. Lil feels betrayed by this and figures that he is not very serious about their relationship. She decides to go by the rules of marrying anybody who can steal a kiss from her. Many men come after her, but she switches back to action-mode and beats every guy that attempted to kiss her.

Theme song

"Counter Blade" (also known as "Hangeki no Yaiba" in Japanese) is the theme song for the web series. The song is performed by Japanese rock band "Wagakki Band". Their second full album, "Yasou Emaki", was released on September 2nd, 2015 and includes this track.

Wagakki Band showed surprise when their song was selected to be the theme song of the series. Yuko Suzuhana, the vocalist, says "I was surprised when I heard the news. I remember the day when the first volume of Attack on Titan was published. I really looked forward to that day and I eventually bought all of the volumes". Since every member was a huge fan, they showed gratitude and felt honored to receive this news. Suzuhana further said, "...and now, we can collaborate with the world of comics with our sound".

Machiya, the guitarist, said that they found out that the name of the drama, "Hangeki no Noroshi", after the band came up with the name of their song "Hangeki no Yaiba". He added that it was interesting that the word "Hangeki" (or “counter” in English) appeared coincidently in both titles.


In 2016, Madman Entertainment, an Australian private entertainment company, released the series on home media in Japanese with English subtitles.


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