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OtapediaList of Attack on Titan Arcs - Attack on Titan

In the Attack on Titan series there are a total of nine different Arcs spanning the original manga series created, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. These Arcs are later incorporated into four different seasons of the Attack on Titan TV anime series adaptation. Currently the manga series is still in progress and unfinished, while the TV anime series is further behind. There are still some Arcs from the manga that has not appeared in the anime series yet (January, 2020). Here is a brief summary of the nine Arcs found in the Attack on Titan series, including the Arcs still yet to be aired in the TV series.

Attack on Titan Arcs Released in the Anime Series

Here is a list of Arcs that have been released both in the manga and anime series.

  • Fall of Shiganshina Arc: This first Arc appears in Volume 1 of the manga and includes Episode 1 to Episode 2 of the anime series.
  • Battle of Trost District Arc: The second Arc consists of Volume 1 to Volume 4 of the manga series and it is included in Episode 5 to Episode 13 of the anime adaptation.
  • 104th Training Corps Arc: The third Arc consists of Volume 4 of the Attack on Titan manga and it is developed in Episode 3 and 4 of the anime series.
  • The Female Titan Arc ): The fourth Arc consists of Volume 5 to Volume 8 of the original manga and it corresponds to Episode 14 to Episode 25 of the anime series.
  • Clash of the Titans Arc: The fifth Arc corresponds to Volume 9 to Volume 12 of the original manga and it includes Episode 26 to Episode 37 of the anime series.
  • The Uprising Arc: The sixth Arc is comprised of Volume 13 to Volume 17 of the Attack on Titan manga and it corresponds with Episode 38 to Episode 49 of the anime series.
  • Return to Shinganshina Arc: The seventh Arc is included in Volume 18 to Volume 22 of the manga series and it corresponds with the Episodes to the next 10 episodes of the anime series.

Attack on Titan Manga Arcs not Released in Anime

Here is a list of Arcs that have been released in the manga but still waiting for an anime adaptation.

Attack on Titan Arc Summary

Here is a quick summary of the nine Arcs in the Attack on Titan series.

Fall of Shiganshina Arc

Fall of Shiganshina is the first arc of the Attack on Titan series. The story begins when the Colossal Titan breaks Wall Maria, destroys the entire city within the Wall and threatens the future of humanity. Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt, three childhood friends experience the real horror of the Titan destruction's power.

Battle of Trost District Arc

In this second Arc, shortly after the graduation of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the 104th Training Corps members, they have to face another fight against the Colossal Titan as it appears at Trost District and breaks through the Wall. During this battle, Eren realizes that he can also turn into a Titan himself.

104th Training Corps Arc

The third Arc of the Attack on Titan series tells how Eren, Mikasa and Armin, after witnessing the destruction and death caused by Titans, they decide to enroll into the army as members of the 104th Training Corps. There, they get harsh training to be able to fight against the Titans and to deal with the hardships of a soldier.

The Female Titan Arc

In this fourth Arc, Eren is assigned to the Levi Ackermann Squad as a member of the Survey Corps, lead by Erwin Smith. Along with his friends, he prepares himself for the next expedition beyond the Walls. During the expedition all the Survey Corps members deal with several unpredictable dangers.

Clash of the Titans Arc

This is the fifth story Arc of the series. The Arc starts with a group of Titans suddenly appearing inside the Walls, resulting in a breach somewhere in Wall Rose. Members of the 104th Training Corps have to face a bloody and abrupt battle.

The Uprising Arc

In this sixth Arc, the battle has taken too many lives and the situation has become critical. In addition the story follows several political issues that begin to occur. Minister Nick gets murdered and there is an attempt to kidnap Eren and Historia. Erwin acknowledges that the actions taken by the king are putting humanity into so much danger, he decides to begin a plan to overthrow the government.

Return to Shiganshina Arc

After a convulsive sixth Arc, the peace is restored within the Walls in this seventh Arc. The Survey Corps prepare again for another expedition to Shiganshina. With the help of the new weapon created by Hange Zoe, the hopes to retake the lost territories are stronger than ever. However, in the place that Eren and the others used to call home, there are known and powerful enemies that are waiting for them.

Marley Arc

In this eight Arc, the nation beyond the sea, Marley, finishes its fight against the Mid-East Allied Forces with the help of a Titan's power. Nevertheless, they start to realize that their Titan powers are losing place in the modern age. Therefore, in order to keep its supremacy in the world, they need to take back the power of the Founding Titan. Unfortunately for them, the Founder Titan power is still held by Eren Jaeger and Reiner will have to confront him one more time.

War for Paradis Arc

The ninth and final Arc of Attack on Titan. The Survey Corps have returned to Paradis after the attack on Liberio led by Eren. However, they find themselves in a problematic situation shortly after arriving there when a faction of soldiers try to make a rebellion and to seize control of the territory. Their objective is to found a new Eldian empire with Eren as their leader. Also meanwhile, Marley prepares their destructive counter-strike on Paradis. With enemies and conflicts both inside and outside, the fate of Paradis is in great danger.


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