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The Military Police Brigade is an elite group of soldiers comprised only of humanity’s most talented and skilled soldiers. Only ten of the best soldiers from the Training Corps are able to enlist in the Military Police Brigade. The Brigade’s coat of arms features a distinct design made with a green unicorn that has a white mane.

They seek to maintain peace, safety, and order within the interior walls. The high ranking Military Police works closely with the ruling families and aristocrats, resulting in members of the Brigade often getting caught up in the flow of politics as well.

As they are an elite group within the Military, a power that holds high authority in the world of Attack on Titan, there are many members of the Brigade that are subject to corruption resulting in the abuse and manipulation of both resources and power. Many, but not all, participate in this corruption.


This elite group of soldiers is responsible to protect the people of the interior walls. Many of the people living in the inner walls are often families of nobility and include the king. Each member is carefully chosen and are collectively considered to be “humanity’s most powerful organization”. They often work behind the scenes due to their tremendous amount of political influence that they spread throughout society. They are likened to a “shadow government”.

The Military Police Brigade are also involved in investigating crimes. They are tasked with the responsibility to arrest and capture criminals who threaten order and policy, especially when it involves nobility and aristocracy.

Joining the Military Police Brigade ensures a higher chance of survival, safety, and status when compared to the other branches, especially the Survey Corp. It is a dream of many to join this branch for those reasons. One character that had such a dream was Jean Kirstein, though Jean ended up enlisting in the Survey Corps (despite being qualified to join the Military Police Brigade). However, trainees that are devoted to applying to the Brigade have to work extremely hard in the Training Corps and show off their skills and abilities during their evaluations. As mentioned earlier, only the best of the best are allowed to enlist in the Military Police Brigade.


Both corruption and greed within the Military Police Brigade are featured in Season 1, Episode 23, when Marlowe Freudenber, a member of the Military Police Brigade, catches his superiors illegally selling government-issued equipment and realized that equipment funded by the citizen’s hard-earned money is being sold for some of the Brigade members’ personal profit. However, the Military Police soldiers involved in the scandal physically beat Marlowe and reverse blackmailed Marlowe for conducting a “treasonable offense against a superior”.

We also see people like Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan, and Kenny Ackerman, an ex-convict and murderer, as members of the Military Police, which raises questions as to what kind of people are involved.

Many people also disagree on what section of the military produces the strongest soldiers. On one hand, the Survey Corps builds highly skilled and trained soldiers that can gain experience in expeditions beyond the walls. These expeditions often lead to fighting more Titans, making them even more capable fighters. On the other hand, the Military Police Brigade will only accept ten of the finest trainees from each Training Corps, resulting in a pool of people that show fantastic talent and ability, but lack any actual fighting experience. It becomes a trivia to actually which branch is actually more fit for combat.


The Military Police Brigade has about 2,000 soldiers that work in the branch directly. However, there is a group of approximately 3,000 members of the Garrison that work directly under the Brigade, bringing their total numbers to around 5,000.

About 200 Military Police soldiers are deployed to their own divisions. They oversee operations that are found all throughout the Military: the Training Corps, the Garrison, fire departments, and more.

While they are not on the battlefield or out on the frontlines against Titans, the Military Police Brigade is often considered to be a safe and closed society that can maintain its numbers.

Anti-Personnel Control Squad

This squad of the Military Police Brigade is comprised of 48 elite soldiers and was officially created as a means to counter the Survey Corps, though it was actually created as a means to regain the power that Eren Jaeger currently possesses. Members of this squad are equipped with anti-personnel maneuver gear and guns instead of blades.


  • Officers: Marlowe’s Superior
  • Squad members: Waltz, Hitch Dreyse, Brosi Feulner

Former Members

  • Commander: Nile Dok
  • Squad Captain: Kenny Ackerman
  • Squad Members: Ralph, Djel Sannes, Annie Leonhart, Marlowe Freudenberg, Traute Caven, Duran, Roeg


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