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OtapediaHoodies, Backpacks and Apparel - Attack on Titan

For an anime or otaku fan, being able to support and flaunt their favorite show or anything that represents their interests may be a universal sense of pride. Attack on Titan has an extensive lineup of merchandise leaving fans content and proud.


When the word 'apparel' comes to mind the first thing most people would agree it falls in the category 'T-shirts’. There are over 50 designs fans can find on the official Attack on Titan website, at a physical store, and online at other websites. There is also the option of ordering custom made T-shirts by an independent artist or even making them handmade.

Skirts (not the waist skirt in the anime) and dresses, unfortunately, would be difficult to find, although they exist. Asking an independent artist, making one handmade, or intensive web research is required. Legging pants may be easier to find than dresses and skirts. A majority of designs are of the Titan muscles, which may be misunderstood as just a peculiar design. As for legging designs that make it obvious fans are an Attack on Titan fan, online web stores carry designs with the Survey Corps logo, scout uniform with waist skirt and harness outline, and even a design of Levi Ackerman's face. Coats, jackets, and cardigans are also available on online stores and also for a limited time at name brand stores. When fans want more of a realistic look compared to a design look, fans may be interested in Attack on Titan cosplay which is easily found on the internet with Attack on Titan being a very popular anime for cosplayers.


Finding hoodies is not a challenge. Many major online stores sell hoodies with a variety of designs from Survey Corps logos to choosing a design with a fan’s favorite character. The price range for hoodies is approximately $8.99 - $50 (shipping and tax not included). The most popular are the Survey Corps style and the scout regiment influenced hoodies. Because of this, they are most commonly sell out quickly and are out of stock.


Regular classic school backpacks usually have the Survey Corps logo design imprinted on the front. These bags come in beige, black, blue, green, and white. There are also pastel color backpacks in pink, mint green, and purple. Messenger style bags are second in popularity and also come in the basic colors of black, beige, green, blue, and white.

Boston bags are a rarity to find, and can be found at a higher selling price than classic school bags and messenger bags with a starting price of approximately $100(shipping & tax not included). Polyester tote ECObags are the most inexpensive with starting prices of $4.99 (shipping & tax not included) due to the cotton fabric material. Designs for these bags can range from a simple monotone beige or white colored bag with the Survey Corps logo to extravagant artwork of one or more characters printed on the bag and with these come a more elaborate price starting rate of approximately $20 (shipping & tax not included).

Duffle bags, like boston bags, are a few, but have more rich colors and designs imprinted on them. Most Attack on Titan duffle bags come in all green with an all white or blue Survey Corps logo. These bags start at approximately $20 (shipping & tax not included).

Attack on Titan Accessories

Attack on Titans merchandise has a wide range of selections to choose from. For example, character exclusive watches have become a new trend in recent years. The leading watch brand Citizen's "INDEPENDENT" launched a collaboration campaign to celebrate Attack on Titan's 10th year anniversary with creating two watches based off of Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman. The watches have a high grade leather strap with the "INDEPENDENT x Attack on Titan" characters inside the watch, along with the Survey Corps logo in white and blue. On the back is the specific character, Eren or Levi, engraved with the collaboration brand name characters. These watches sold for approximately $375 (shipping & tax not included).

Necklaces are another popular item. Survey Corps logo necklaces in silver, silver & white, or silver and blue variations are sold. Other designs are Eren's key necklace his father gave him that he wears in the story. These necklaces mostly come in gold in accordance with the color in the anime series. Depending on quality, these necklaces can run as cheap as $4 (shipping & tax not included).

Other accessories that fans can find to boost their Attack on Titan paraphernalia are mugs, blankets, pillows, badges, notebooks, pens, key chains, socks, cell phone cases, figurines, posters, plushies, stickers, bracelets, shoes, baby goods, embroidery patches, and much more.

Attack on Titan Apparel Collaboration

A glasses company by the name of Yabushita Group had also collaborated with Attack on Titan in October 2019. The company created two styles of glasses frames based on the 3 most popular characters: Eren, Levi, and Mikasa.

The first design is called the "Eren & Mikasa" model, which has dark gold tinted square rims and a thick bridge. The nose pads are a regular clear color and round shaped. The hinges on both sides of the glasses have a beige colored design that represent the Scout Regiment's thunder spears, and the temples are thick with a dark green color to represent the cape of the Survey Corps.

The second model is the "Eren & Levi." This pair of glasses has a more sleek and slim design with a rimless bottom. The nose pads are more translucent and clear compared to the Eren & Mikasa model, and have a smoother looking bridge. The screws and hinges are a well detailed replica of the maneuver gear box, while the temples are wide and thick representing the Survey Corps. soldier's boots with a dark brown color.


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