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OtapediaKrista Lenz - Attack on Titan

Krista Lenz was Historia Riess’ name for her new identity in order to cut her relations with the Riess family by her father Rod Riess. Historia Riess is her real name, and she is currently the Queen of the walls, Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena. She was formerly part of the 104th Training Corps along with Eren, Mikasa and so on and a former member of the Scout Regiment by the name “Krista Lenz'' or "Christa Lenz".

She is the illegitimate daughter of the head of the Riess family, Rod Riess and is currently the only remaining person of the Riess bloodline. Krista had a strong relationship with Ymir of the 104th Training Corps, who is also the former holder of the Jaw Titan. Ymir plays a big influence in helping Krista graduate from the 104th Training Corps and joining the Survey Corps.

After the Coup d’Etat, which was a military revolution against the royal government in retaliation against the attempt to decrease the power of the Survey Corps in the Uprising Arc, the Reiss family overthrows the old royal government as the true royal bloodline, and Historia Reiss becomes crowned the new Queen.


  • Name: Historia Riess (Krista Lenz)
  • Japanese Name: ヒストリア・レイス (Hisutoria Reisu)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 12 when joining the 104th Training Corps, 15 when graduating and joining the Survey Corps and she is currently 19, four year on from the Return to Shiganshina Arc.
  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Birthday: January 15th
  • Born: Reiss family residence inside Wall Sheena
  • Status: Alive


  • Alma (Mother)
  • First King Riess
  • Rod Riess
  • Uri Riess
  • Frieda Riess
  • Urklyn Riess
  • Dirk Riess
  • Abel Riess
  • Florian Riess


  • Teen Krista Lenz (Age 12 - 15) - Krista was the shortest soldier in the 104th Training Corps, a pretty girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. Fellow soldiers described her as an angel or goddess, resulting in the male soldiers adoring her, such as Armin. During missions she would tie her hair in a ponytail and wear the green flowing cadet coat.

  • Adult Historia Riess (Age 19) - Historia Riess as a Queen has her hair in a clean pleat updo style with a parted front. She is seen wearing anything from a pale coloured coat, a royal red jacket and long-sleeved white shirt with dark coloured boots. Historia seems to have altering attire presumably to conform with court meetings and such.


In the early stages of the series when she goes by the name of “Krista Lenz”, she is a kind hearted and very shy person. Due to her isolated past as a child, she lacks the social confidence to interact with the other members in the 104th Training Corps except for Ymir. She had always believed her existence and being born as unfortunate due to being neglected from her family as a child. Ymir states that her kindness to others comes from wanting to be seen as a good person by others.

After Ymir is separated from Historia following the Clash of the Titan arc, who leaves with Reiner and Berthold, Historia loses hope and becomes emotionless to anything going on around her, finding herself in limbo. She then announces that the persona Krista Lenz was a kind and caring person, but the real Historia Riess is vacant inside. Eren states that she seems to be more genuine and “less creepy” after the reveal, hinting that she is being herself and open.

After being appointed as the queen following the coup d’etat. Historia gains self confidence and develops a stronger personality following her own will. This is seen by her defying her father Rod Riess for the first time and killing him for the better.


Historia grew up in one of the Reiss family estates living an isolated childhood, she was an illegitimate and unrecognized daughter of Rod Riess. Her mother “Alma” was deliberately distant from Historia, isolating herself from her most of the time and spending time on her own which resulted in Historia questioning her relationship with her mother often.

Following the Fall of Shiganishina Arc, Rod Riess takes in Historia and her mother into the Riess household, where Historia would be recognized as an heir to the Reiss family. But the Military Police Brigade surrounds the family in an attempt to remove the blots on the Reiss family name. Rod tried to deny that Historia and her mother have any relation to that family, but one of the soldiers kills Historias mother “Alma” as she is desperate to deny that Historia is her daughter. In Alma’s last moments, Historia receives a cold stare from Alma who states to her that she wishes she had never given birth to her. Rod then intercepts the Military Police Brigades attempt to kill Historia as well by making an agreement that if she were to disappear from the Riess household with a different identity they would not need to kill her. The Brigade agrees and this is the birth of “Krista Lenz”.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese anime: Shiori Mikami
  • English anime: Bryn Apprill


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