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Ymir Fritz obtained the power of a Titan as a young girl. Being the first person to become a Titan shifter of The Founding Titan. Ymir Fritz is said to be the founder of the Eldian empire and “the people of Ymir” which is the only race of people who can be turned into Titans.

In the book Historia Riess (Krista Lenz) was holding, there is a picture of Ymir Fritz’s encounter with the “Devil of all Earth” in which after she becomes the first person to obtain the power of the Titans and is later known as the predecessor of all Titans.


  • Name: Ymir Fritz
  • Japanese Name: ユミル・フリッツ (Yumiru Furittsu)
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Deceased
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Unknown


  • Maria Fritz
  • Rose Fritz
  • Sheena Fritz
  • Karl Fritz
  • Dina Fritz
  • Zeke Yeager
  • Rod Riess
  • Uri Riess
  • Frieda Riess
  • Urklyn Riess
  • Dirk Riess
  • Abel Riess
  • Florian Riess
  • Historia Riess - Krista Lenz


  • As a Child - Ymir Fritz is a small girl with light coloured straight hair. In her slave appearance, she is wearing a loose and worn light colored top with a headband which is also worn, sash belt and leather sandals.

  • Adulthood - Ymir Fritz as an adult wearing a sleeveless dress with some bracelets/bands around both arms.

  • In the book/Encounter with the Devil - In the Anime, Ymir Fritz's encounter with the Devil is shown with more detail. She appears to have long light colored hair wearing a dress and is holding an apple or some sort of fruit to the hairy and bulky looking devil.

The Power of the Titan

Ymir Fritz had the power of the The Founding Titan. Ymir, under the Fritz royal family shaped the land and built bridges with her Titan powers, bringing great wealth for the Eldians. Her immense powers were also used to defeat the armies of Marley. Ymir was seen as a “god-given miracle Attack on Titan manga: Chapter 88 by the Eldians and that Ymir and the Subjects of Ymir (The nine Titans) are “the chosen children of God” Attack on Titan manga: Chapter 86.

Ymir Fritz obtained the Power of the Titans over 1,820 year ago. Although it is currently unknown what Ymir Fritz exactly did with the Titan powers, she died 13 years after awakening the Titan power and the soul was split into nine parts becoming the “The Nine Titans” (Kokonotsu no Kyojin) which are The Founding Titan, The Attack Titan, The Colossus Titan, The Female Titan, The Armoured Titan, The Beast Titan, The Jaw Titan, The Cart Titan and The Warhammer Titan. It is later found that people who inherit the power of the “The Nine Titans'' only live for 13 years after becoming a Titan shifter and this is called “the curse of Ymir” being the same 13 years Ymir Fritz lived as the original holder of the Titan powers.


There are mixed views and beliefs on the personality of Ymir Fritz and still remains to be a bit of a mystery as she is a legendary character being the origin of the Titan story. When Frieda Reiss talks about Ymir to her little half-sister Historia in Attack on Titan manga: Chapter 54, she says she was a “kind girl who was always thinking of others” and wished Historia to be just like her. Eldians have deep respect for Ymir because of how she has empowered the Eldian Empire. But the people of Marley, known as Marleyans believe Ymir was a pawn of the Devil of all Earth due to the agreement and encounter between Ymir Fritz and the Devil.

But in recent chapters we find out she is a slave of the Eldian king, and has no will of her own as she is submitted to the King in life. The creation of the empire, building bridges and defeating the enemies of the empire is all under his command. This is revealed in Attack on Titan manga: Chapter 120 and 122. She sacrificed her own life for the Eldian King, leaping in front of him to block the spear which was aimed towards the King. After Ymir dies protecting the king, her corpse is eaten by the daughters, Maria, Rose and Sheena, which are the names of the three walls in Paradis Island. Even after her death, Ymir’s soul remains in the "Coordinate" which is a channel that connects all Titans and subject of Ymir together where she molds the Titans out of sand and is still obedient to the Eldian royal family.

She was able to embrace her own free will after encountering Eren Yeager in Chapter 122 [Attack on Titan Manga: Chapter 122] But still remains quite a mystery.


Eldians view Ymir’s as a god-given miracle. The Eldian Restorationists, who were a group of Eldians planning to destroy the Marlyeans with the power of the Founding Titan claimed that Ymir and all subjects of Ymir are “the chosen children of God,” Ymir Fritz was seen as goddess.

Closer to the present after Ymir is known as a person from the long past, we see Frieda Reiss telling Historia (Krista Lenz) about the story of Ymir’s agreement with the Devil. In the book Ymir is named as “Krista”, Frieda says she was a kind, loving girl who was always thinking of others and that Historia should aim to be how “Krista” was. Historia does not remember her visits with Frieda clearly after the power of the Founding Titan was used by Frieda to erase her memories after every visit. Resulting in Historia only having unclear remnants of memory of “Krista” which are displayed as vague images in the manga and anime. Attack on Titan Manga: Chapter 55.


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