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OtapediaAnnie Leonhart - Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart is a female soldier who ranked 4th in the 104th Training Corps and enlists in the interior Military Police Brigade, which is awarded to only the top 10 recruits in each Training Corps. She excels in fighting and especially hand-to-hand combat. During her time in the military, Annie worked closely with Armin Arlelt in the Survey Corps, which eventually led to her true colors being revealed.

Throughout her time in the 104th Training Corps, she hid her abilities and true colors well: the ability to transform into the Female Titan, as she was chosen to be one of Marley’s Warriors. In the year 845, she is sent to recover the Founding Titan with her comrades, Reiner Braun, and Marcel Gaillard.

After her identity was revealed, which resulted in her defeat by Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackermann, she crystallized herself into a coma to protect herself and the secrets that she held from being unraveled. Until her escape four years later, Annie was retained by the Survey Corps [Chapter 34, Volume 8].


  • Name: Annie Leonhart
  • Date of Birth: March 22
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Birthplace: Southeast Wall Maria
  • Appearance: Slim with short blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Shows limited emotions.


Annie comes off as a socially withdrawn person who seems emotionless and painfully blunt, showing little traces of any kind of humor. She is a mysterious person who barely talks and is difficult to approach, possibly out of fear of having her secrets revealed. On the other hand, Annie shows high levels of skill and intelligence when it comes to problem-solving. In the instructor’s analysis from the Attack on Titan Guidebook (p. 55), Annie is revealed to be the type of person who is incredibly independent and would likely do very well even on solo missions. On the other hand, Annie is likely to not be as good when working cooperatively in a team in a large operation.

As a natural fighter, she excels due to her being able to stay calm, even in intense and difficult situations. This skill likely came from the intense training her father made her go through in her younger years, as explained in Season 1, Episode 4. She easily beats Eren and Reiner in a fight during the early days in the 104th Training Corps. Though she is usually expressionless, one of the only times she is seen legitimately smiling was when she considered teaching Eren her unique style of fighting.

In Season 3, Episode 15 of the anime series, Reiner sees her helping Connie Springer when he was in danger. Reiner criticizes her in scorn and shouts that she is empathizing too much with her enemies. However, Annie shows her loyalty to her mission, as she assists in killing Marco by letting him get eaten by a Titan.

At first, she hesitates and asks why she would have to do such a thing, but follows through. The Titan passes by and notices Marco stranded on the roof. The three (Reiner, Bretholt, and Annie) watch as their comrade is killed by their own plan. Annie, however, does show her own humanity, as she truly shows remorse while escaping the scene.

In the 57th expedition beyond the walls in Season 1 Episode 17, Annie uses her Female Titan form to bring a horde of Titans to wipe out the right wing of spotters.

There is a moment where Annie (as the Female Titan) finds Armin alone as he is thrown off his horse due to the impact of her feet landing next to him. She crouches down and lifts his hood to check his face. This happens on two separate occasions, yet she chooses not to kill him both times.

This in a way shows that she is not so heartless as to mercilessly kill Armin, as her goal was to kidnap Eren [Season 1, Episode 17].

Annie Leonhart Female Titan Powers

Annie has the power to transform into the Female Titan, which unlike most other common Titans, has a body that has the same proportions as a human, albeit much larger. This form has short blond hair and somber facial expressions, similar to Annie herself. Muscle striations under its eyes give it a gloomy and stressed look. Unlike Eren’s Attack Titan and Reiner’s Armored Titan, the Female Titan has noticeable lips and human-like teeth.

Her Titan scores highly in agility, speed, and power. A special ability of this specific Titan is its ability to harden its skin, which can be used to bolster its defense or increasing attacking power by hardening its fists for punches or legs for kicks. It was seen using this hardening skill on its fingers to climb up a wall and run away from the Attack Titan and Mikasa.
The Female Titan’s yell can call nearby Titans to it. This is especially useful when surrounded by enemies. Once activated, however, the regular Titans will naturally want to eat the Female Titan as well.

As the Female Titan, in the year 845 (during the Fall of Shiganshina Arc) she is the one responsible for gathering a horde of Titans to the Shiganshina District, which led to the deaths of many civilians. It was reported that over 10,000 people died during this calamity.


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