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OtapediaFunko Pop - Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan franchise has released a large number of merchandise, figures and toys. One popular collaboration toy is with Funko Pop.

What is Funko Pop?

Funko is a toy company that comes from the United States which is famous for its production of collective vinyl figures in the form of big-headed dolls. Funko has signed various agreements to create products based or licensed in hundreds of very popular television brands, video games, music or sports such as: Marvel, DC Comics, WWE, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, Hasbro, CBS, Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, HBO, BBC, NFL, Ubisoft, NBCUniversal, Cartoon Network, 2K Games, Bethesda Games, NBA or Kiss, among others.

​In addition to figures, it also sells many different products, such as stuffed animals, bobbleheads, action figures, board games or electronic products, like lamps or headphones.
The slogan of the company is “Everyone is a fan of something”, which means that these toys are for people of all ages and that the variety of topics is so immense that every fan can find
their own favorite character in their own Funko Pop version.

Funko Pop Characteristic Features

Funko Pop toys are anthropomorphic pieces, that is, with a human appearance, since they usually have two eyes, one head and two arms. The figures are about 9.5 cm tall, the and body is made of vinyl and the head of bobble in most cases. Its most characteristic peculiarity is the exaggeration of some parts of the body, especially the size of the head. On the other hand, they have large and expressive eyes, short and thin limbs and a normal body. In the Funko world, the heads of these toys are known as bobble-heads, or simply big heads.

Funko Pop Fan Base

Funko Pop promotes proximity with consumers. In this sense, they launch campaigns so that the fans themselves propose new figures for their production in upcoming series.
When some Funko Pop is sold out in the market, large collectors are willing to pay double, triple or up to twenty times its original prize.
There are numerous lines and levels of exclusivity. It is possible to find limited pieces released for events such as Comic Con San Diego, as well as at Funko’s own site, or at specific stores. Depending on the amount released for each figure and the demand, the resale value is constructed, and the average prize within the community itself is identified in the PopPrizeGuide space, based on eBay operations.

Funko Pop Lines

Other product brands promoted by Funko are: Mystery Minis, Hikari, Legacy Collection, Fabrikations, Mopeez, Pop! Home & Accessories, cups or POP! Vinyl t-shirts. Regarding the last one, Brian Mariotti announced through Hot Topic that Funko will release his first POP Vinyl t-shirts, which appeared in the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. It also has other brands with the names of: Spastik Plastik, Blox, FunkoVision, Funko Plushies, Funko Force, Reaction Figures and Wacky Wobblers.

Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures

The Funko Pop Attack on Titan is inspired by the original Attack on Titan manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is featured as Pop! Animation line, and it features multiple characters from the Attack on Titan anime series.

Funko Pop Attack on Titan offers various options for some characters. Figures that are indicated as BAIT means that they include stickers stating that they had pre-release rights and will be sold in stores later on. However, figures that are indicated with the “Hot Topic Exclusive” sticker indicates that they were sold exclusively in the American shop called “Hot Topic”. Also, the ones that include a sticker called “FYE”, “HMV” or “Game Stop” exclusive means that they can only be found in those stores.

The Attack on Titan the figures all follow the regular Funko Pop standards of size and features except for the Colossal Titan vinyls, as they come as 6” Super Sized editions in both their main version along with the black-and-white FYE/HMV exclusive editions.

Other figures that are also released as Super Sized Pops! are the Female Titan, the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan figures.

Furthermore, there are three characters of which two different versions are available. On one hand, Eren Jaeger has a colored version and black and white one. In addition, his Attack Titan form also has two versions, one in normal feature and another in combat version, with darker skin color and white eyes. The Colossal Titan also has a colored and a black and white version.

Levi, has a version with the Survey Corps uniform and another one with cleaning clothes and utensils.

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