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Collecting action figures or model figures of one’s favorite anime characters is a common practice in Japan. This phenomenon began in the late 1970s with action figures of Godzilla and folklore monsters as orthodox toys for children. In the early 1980s, action figures gradually became popular amongst adults and the market gradually ended up being aimed specifically at the anime community. Popular toy manufacturers began releasing special kits called garage kits or resin kits. These kits are also sold in the United States.

Types of Figures

There are over 50 Attack on Titan figures ranging from different figurine mold styles, sizes, and poses of several main characters. The most commonly distributed Attack on Titan figure types are Nendoroids, Funkos, and action figures (Figma).

Nendoroid figures are often referred to as being Chibi (meaning "tiny" or "small" in Japanese) due to their large head, cute child-like appearance, and small body style. The term “Nendoroid” was coined from the Japanese word for clay (nendo) and "-oid", which comes from “android” -- something that resembles a human. These figures are made from PVC and ABS plastics.

Funko Pop figures are similar in size and body structure to the Nendoroid models. However, these figures have much less detail when compared to the Nendoroids, though they are often considerably cheaper in exchange. Synthetic plastic polymer or vinyl is often used to create these figures.

Figures by Figma come in two different varieties. There are those with characters in more dynamic poses and those with joints that allow the owner to pose the figure themselves. They are often more detailed and come equipped with an array of extra pieces or detachable accessories and body parts. Some fan artists may use these figurines to aid in drawing characters while cosplayers may also use action figures to help create poses that will capture the essence of their character.

Choosing & Purchasing Figurines

Figures can be purchased in a variety of places. While they can be found in specialty anime stores and online stores, they can sometimes be found in bookstores as well. Figurine quality can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. The most trustworthy brands in the figurine industry are Good Smile Company, Funko, Figma, Max Factory, Kotobukiya, Aniplex, Orange Rouge, and Megahouse.

A common problem for people new to collecting figurines may face is stumbling on to bootlegs. While counterfeits may be hard to tell from a legitimate figure, the most common trait of a counterfeit is inconsistent packaging and an incredibly cheap price. Spotting counterfeit figurines on an online store may be difficult, as the customer likely wouldn’t have access to the specific figure they are interested in. So official merchandise sites are popular with fans.

Most high-quality figurines have a starting price of $50 and can go up to as much as $1,000 based on rarity, condition (if previously owned), and quality. Pre-owned figurines, depending on their condition, may start as low as $15.

Packaging also plays an important role in choosing the best quality figurine. Passionate collectors may find that the display and box the figure comes in is just as important as the figure itself. Some top brand companies include detailed artwork on the box and include information about the character, which gives value to the packaging itself.

Popular Figures

Levi Ackermann figures are the most popular, with figures of Mikasa Ackermann following closely behind. The Ackermann characters are generally the most popular characters in the series, next to the main protagonist Eren Jaeger and their mutual friend Armin Arlert.

Due to Levi being known as a level-headed and mature character, Nendoroid and Funko figures of him are quite popular. The chibi style of these figures creates facial expressions that bring out another side of him that isn’t seen in the original series while still staying true to his character.

Demand for Mikasa figurines is also high, resulting in a variety of figures with plenty of different poses and expressions. Like Levi, Mikasa has some figurines that also display a hidden side of her.

Since Eren Jaeger is the main character of the series, he is also a popular choice among the figure collecting community. His awakened abilities are eloquently illustrated in the details of Figma figurines.

The series contains a plethora of figures depicting Titans with their special abilities and unique designs. Figurines of the popular Titans like the Colossal Titan, Female Titan, and the Smiling Titan are all available in a variety of styles and poses.

In addition, doll figures are also a popular choice among collectors if they have the patience and money to search for them. In most cases, anime character dolls are not sold in stores and are quite difficult to find. As such doll figurines may start at $100. DOLK Station, an Osaka-based company that specializes in manufacturing and selling lifelike dolls, collaborated with I.O.S (Immortality of Soul) to create a Levi doll that went viral in 2014 and was only available for a very limited amount of time. Fans were enthralled by the doll’s ability to move realistically due to its 80 joints structure. The details of the facial expressions, clothes, and maneuver gear were uncannily realistic. The doll sold out within two hours of the pre-orders going live, despite its hefty $1,200 price tag.


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