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Otapedia104th Training Corps - Attack on Titan

The Training Corps is a branch of the military that is responsible for training young trainees and preparing them to fight Titans in the Attack on Titan series. They specialize in the education of various basic combat skills, discipline, and etiquette of the military. Time within the Training Corps is physically and psychologically intensive, which allows new recruits to adapt to a military lifestyle and prepares them for battles ahead. The 104th Training Corps refers to the 104th group of people that went through the program. Many of the people in this group are major characters in the Attack on Titan series.

Keith Shadis was the head instructor of the 104th Training Corps and is the main individual responsible for training recruits. He was the 12th Commander of the Survey Corps and was the predecessor of the 13th Commander, Erwin Smith.

After completion of this training, recruits are fed into the three main branches: the Garrison, the Survey Corps, and the Military Police Brigade.

Top Ten Trainees from the 104th Training Corps

  1. Mikasa Ackerman
  2. Reiner Braun
  3. Bertolt Goover
  4. Annie Leonhart
  5. Eren Yeager
  6. Jean Kirstein
  7. Marco Bott
  8. Connie Springer
  9. Sasha Blouse
  10. Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss

Instructor Keith Shadis Evaluations

  • Eren Yeager (Grade A +): “While skills in man-to-man combat and vertical maneuvering are impressive, he’s got a personality problem. He has a textbook impulsive personality. When he gets mad, he can’t see anything around him. Until he gets his emotions under control, he’ll never succeed as a soldier!” (p.33).

  • Mikasa Ackerman (Grade A +): “Mikasa is skilled at understanding what she needs to do in order to accomplish her goals. Her judgement belies her age, surely the result of the many hellish experiences she had as a child. She is an exceptional talent who is unmistakably bound to lead the Corps in the future.” (p.38).

  • Armin Arlert (Grade A +): “Not noteworthy in combat and endurance. However, we soldiers are not only about physical strength. The superior intelligence Armin showed in the classroom will surely lead to future victories for humanity as he develops new arms in the Technical Team or serves as a tactical officer.” (p.42).

  • Jean Kirstein (Grade A): “He has a tendency to think that he should be the center of attention. Though at first he had a tendency to cause trouble with the other trainees, he has now overcome those flaws. He also tries to understand his comrades’ feelings and continues to develop as a potential commander.” (p.45).

  • Connie Springer (Grade B+): “Connie takes advantage of his small frame to move quickly, and I sense natural genius in combat skills. If only he could fix his poor comprehension and his habit of misunderstanding strategies, he could one day become a first-rate soldier. That might take some time though…” (p.47).

  • Sasha Blouse (Grade B+): “The moment you take your eyes off Sasha, you never know what she’ll do. You quickly notice this dangerous trait, and it makes her unsuited for group strategic operations. She does have an impressive mastery of her quick body, but… I just don’t understand her.” (p.49).

  • Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss (Grade B -): “To be honest, I still wonder if Krista deserved to graduate tenth in her group. It’s true that she was tenth on paper, but there should have been others in the Training Corps who could have gotten better results. Still, she took tenth, and what’s done is done. I hope she keeps working hard.” (p.51).

  • Ymir (Grade B?): “Ymir has good physical strength and a high level of skill, and she should’ve been able to reach the top ten in the 104th Training Corps. Either she didn’t have the drive or she simply isn’t living up to her potential for some reason. It’s frustrating that I couldn’t make more of her raw talent.” (p.53).

  • Annie Leonhart (Grade A): “Annie is the type that prefers solitude, and would surely do well on solo missions! However, she’d be overshadowed in group actions and would likely never stand out in a large operation. Commanders should be careful to select the right kind of mission to give her.” (p. 55).

  • Reiner Braun (Grade A+): “Reiner’s friends put a lot of trust in him, and I can see he has the qualities to unite a team! He’s reliable and brave beyond his years, probably because of his hellish experience in his hometown. I would like to see him grow into a strong future leader of the Survey Corps!” (p.57).

  • Bertolt Hoover (Grade A-): “This boy’s problem is his heart! He doesn’t take action on his own, and letting others dictate what you do is a fatal flaw for a soldier! Unless he fixes this habit, he’ll be the first to perish when an operation goes sideways and he has to think on his feet to respond to the unexpected.” (p.59).

  • Marco Bott (Grade A): “Marco’s marks in the Training Corps never stood out because he acted in strategic ways that one would utilize in real combat. As a result, his kill count never rose. Some things can’t be measured with grades. I wish I could have seen his strengths bloom as a commanding officer.” (p.61).


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