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As the popularity of the anime and manga series Attack on Titan began to explode, its influence began to make its way throughout other, more niche communities. One such community is the Lego community. Fans of both Lego and Attack on Titan have fused their interests together and created a variety of customized Lego figures and dioramas that recreate various scenes from the series. A user named Stormbringer from “The Brick Fan”, a website created by Lego fans for Lego fans, designed a Lego MOC (short for My Own Creation, often used to describe an original build made without instructions) of a section of the walled city under attack by the Titans. It includes intricately detailed buildings, figures in the Survey Corps uniform and 3D maneuvering gear, Titans, and debris that is all made out of Lego bricks.

Other fans attempt to create models of characters from the series either using pieces from existing Lego sets, while others design customized Lego figures by taking a regular Lego figure and painting on the figure itself or by creating original decals and sticking them onto the figure. Some fans attempting to recreate characters in Legos often say that the 3D maneuvering gear is the most difficult part to get right. Some creative builders use transparent adjustable stands and strings to represent the maneuvering gear and make it look like their characters are flying through the air.

One of the most popular examples of Legos being combined with Attack on Titan would likely be a video titled “Attack on Lego”. This video was created by Fabian Plum in 2015 and essentially reenacts some of the more iconic scenes from the anime using Legos. It has been viewed nearly eight million times on YouTube.

Dolls and Other Toys

Dolls, figurines, and plushies are also available for purchase on the Attack on Titan official website and other anime specialty stores.

Attack on Titan dolls are mostly recreations of the popular character, Levi Ackermann. One particular Levi doll that caused quite a bit of an uproar was announced in 2014. This doll was being sold by DOLK, a specialty store that sold dolls that are known for their realistic and astounding details. Within a two hour period, the doll had completely sold out, despite it being sold at the USD equivalent of $1,200. Purchasing a Levi DOLK doll today would require a special custom order, which would be even more expensive.

Plushie dolls are much more common and feature most of the characters that appear in the series, from main characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to even some of the more minor characters. These dolls can be found in crane games at arcades (though mostly in Japan only), anime specialty stores, and online anime goods shops. They start around $7.99 (shipping tax not included).


Attack on Titan themed card decks, trading card games, and board games have also been released over the years. GE Animation has released several card decks with different designs. One example of such a card deck includes a variety of eye-catch artwork from the series, while another deck of playing cards features artwork of various characters from the series. On January 17th, 2015, the series was added to the incredible number of anime and manga series that were a part of a trading card game named Weiss Schwarz.

A cooperative deck-building card game based on the anime and manga series was also created by Cryptozoic in 2016. The goal of the game is to protect the Wall from attacks launched by Titans. The card game is compatible with Cryptozoic’s “Cerberus” game engine.

Like many other franchises, an Attack on Titan version of Monopoly was eventually released and includes the same traditional board setup and rules, but player pieces, houses, and hotels are replaced with characters, locations, and events completely themed around the series. Instead of becoming the one with the most money, players must become the strongest in order to survive the Titan attacks.

Another popular game that eventually got an Attack on Titan version is a game called “Werewolf”. This game plays very similarly to “Mafia”. In this game, there are two teams, the Werewolves, the group that decides to kill people in the middle of the night, and the villagers, who attempt to find out who the werewolves are. Teams are often decided by drawing cards that tell the player their role. The cards used in each game often depend on the number of players. Each team also has roles with special abilities. In the Attack on Titan version of the game, humans and Titans actually work together to find the Werewolves that are disturbing the peace. Out of 123 cards in the deck, there are 63 different roles, allowing up to 17 people to play at the same time.


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