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Spoof on Titan (寸劇の巨人 Sungeki no Kyojin) is a mini-series of fout-image skits illustrated by Honouri. It is a parody of the original Attack on Titan manga series written and illustrated by [Hajime Isayama]. Publication began in both Japanese and English on Kodansha and DeNA’s manga app Manga Box on December 4, 2013, and was completed on December 31, 2014.

On October 10, 2015 Kodansha Comics USA announced its license to Spoof on Titan at the New York Comic Con. Later, Volume 1 was published on September 13, 2016 and Volume 2 on December 13, 2016.


In this story, with all the danger and hard work that comes with being a soldier in the Survey Corps the famous characters that belong to this team want to take some rest and enjoy some time for relaxation. However, during this time many hijinks occur, from flunking tests, pulling all-nighters to summoning magic genies. The popular characters of the original series experience all sorts of misadventures in a comedic atmosphere. All Survey Corps members get together and are shown in a very different and lighter point of view compared to the original series, which is much more violent, cruel and bloody.


Each of the two volumes of Spoof of Titan include a large number of short chapters. In Volume 1, Chapter 1 to Chapter 27 are included, while Volume 2 contains Chapter 28 to Chapter 55.

Volume 1

The first volume contains about 160 pages in its Japanese edition, while it only contains about 128 pages in the American version. The first volume was published in Japan on August 8, 2014, while the English version was published on September 13, 2016. On the cover of the volume, cuter versions of Annie Leonhart, Ymir Fritz, Reiner Braun, Bertolt, Sasha Blouse, Krista Lenz, Mikasa Ackermann, Eren Jaeger, Jean Kirstein, Marco, Armin Arlelt y Connie Spring appear.

The volume consists of the following chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Spoof Assault 1
  • Chapter 2: Titan Fever!
  • Chapter 3: Spoof Assault 2
  • Chapter 4: Spoof Assault 3
  • Chapter 5: Spoof Assault 4
  • Chapter 6: Mikasa, the Queen of Style
  • Chapter 7: Oluo’s Demise
  • Chapter 8: Jean and the Love Umbrellas
  • Chapter 9: Genie of the Lamp
  • Chapter 10: Boys, Girls, and Written Exams
  • Chapter 11: Working Overtime with Erwin
  • Chapter 12: The Romantic Tale of Hannah and Franz
  • Chapter 13: The Warmth of a Family
  • Chapter 14: Asking Too Much! The Survey Corps Welcoming Party
  • Chapter 15: Krista’s Cookies
  • Chapter 16: Got a Problem? Big Bro’s Got Your Back
  • Chapter 17: The Matrimony Misunderstanding
  • Chapter 18: A Day in Mikasa’s Life at the Office
  • Chapter 19: The Bad Influence of Stohess District
  • Chapter 20: Poker Face
  • Chapter 21: Dental Health
  • Chapter 22: Equestrian Club
  • Chapter 23: Let’s Go to the Circus
  • Chapter 24: The Nose Knows!
  • Chapter 25: The Student Resembles the Teacher
  • Chapter 26: (Let’s Date)
  • Chapter 27: Believe It, Eren!!

Volume 2

This second Volume contains about 128 pages in its Japanese edition. The release date in Japan was on April 9, 2015, while the release date of the English edition was on December 13, 2016. On its cover, smaller and cuter versions of Mike, Erwin Smith, Gunther, Eld, Hange Zoe, Levi Ackermann, Eren Jaeger, Oluo, Petra, Marlowe, Boris, Hitch, Rico and Ian appear.

The volume consists of the following chapters.

  • Chapter 28: A Trost Fairy Tale in Manga
  • Chapter 29: Work, Military Police Brigade!
  • Chapter 30: Petra’s Day Off
  • Chapter 31: Rabbits Are Tasty
  • Chapter 32: Shaving With Connie
  • Chapter 33: Hange’s Prison
  • Chapter 34: Fright Night
  • Chapter 35: Join Us!
  • Chapter 36: Cheer Historia Up!
  • Chapter 37: Rumors: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Chapter 38: Laugh, Annie!
  • Chapter 39: Spoof! Titan Elementary
  • Chapter 40: Let’s Make Up
  • Chapter 41: I Only Look Like a Pretty Boy, That’s All
  • Chapter 42: No Alcohol Until You Turn 20
  • Chapter 43: Farmer Jaeger
  • Chapter 44: Bad Feeling
  • Chapter 45: Wings of Restraint
  • Chapter 46: Reeves’ Dreamy Trost Shopping Network
  • Chapter 47: Fishing Paradise
  • Chapter 48: The Games Kids Play
  • Chapter 49: Nich, the Chair Craftsman
  • Chapter 50: I Love Cats
  • Chapter 51: Make It in Time, Military Police Brigade
  • Chapter 52: Armin’s Training
  • Chapter 53: Erwin’s Elegant Day Off
  • Chapter 54: Spaceship “Wings of Liberty”
  • Final Chapter: To the Future You

List of characters

Below there is a list of characters that appeared originally in Spoof on Titan, as well as the organization that they belong to.

Training Corps

Survey Corps

Garrison Regiment

  • Dot Pixis
  • Anka Rheinberger
  • Rico Brzenska
  • Ian Dietrich
  • Mitabi Jarnach
  • Hannes
  • Hugo

Military Police

  • Nile Dok
  • Hitch Dreyse
  • Marlowe Freudenberg
  • Boris Feulner
  • Dennis Aiblinger
  • Waltz


  • Mr. Ral
  • Grisha Jaeger
  • Dimo Reeves
  • Fiegel Reeves
  • Nick
  • Carla Jaeger (deceased)


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