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The Shining remains one of the most famous horror films of all time. Despite the movie's slow pace, the atmospheric descent into progressively disturbing scenes changed how directors approached fearful storytelling. Medicom Toy celebrates the classic film with two designs in their BE@BRICK line: "BE@RBRICK The Shining: Poster Ver. 100% & 400% Set" and "BE@RBRICK The Shining 1000%."

The Shining and BE@RBRICK Collaboration Background

BE@RBRICK has produced three different BE@RBRICK variations related to The Shining. Two of the figures depict the famous Overlook Hotel carpet design in different forms.

Collaboration Planning and Launch

The first BE@RBRICK with a theme from The Shining came out in part of the Series 33 product launch. Depicting the carpet pattern from the Overlook Hotel, the figure served as the pattern entry for the series. The same design would serve as the template for a figure released in 2018. The second hexagonal patterned figure featured an updated color scheme more faithful to the carpet pattern in the film. In 2020, a third figure depicting the 1980 movie poster for the film came out in June.

BE@RBRICK The Shining: Poster Ver. 100% & 400% Set

This bright yellow, graphic-centric figure captures the campy movie culture at the time of The Shining's release. The design features the simple text layout of the 1980 post-release poster for the film. Blocky text reading "The Shining" takes up the figure's main body. Within the oversized "T," there's a large, black and white face. Depicted from below with dramatic lighting, the face gives off a shocked, uneasy expression. On the figure's head is the poster's blurb "a masterpiece of modern horror." Both figures also feature the stylized movie title on the back.

  • Product Name: BE@RBRICK The Shining: Poster Ver. 100% & 400% Set
  • Manufacturer: Medicom Toy
  • Specifications: Set of 2 painted and articulated plastic figures
  • Height (Approx.):
    100%: 70mm | 2.8"
    400%: 280mm | 11"

BE@RBRICK The Shining 1000%

At over 27 inches, this massive figure gives the same impression of being trapped in the Overlook Hotel. The repeating hexagonal pattern faithfully matches the carpet seen throughout The Shining. The vibrant red, light orange, and brown color scheme match the film's carpeting perfectly. Most of the figure is completely covered with the pattern except for the solid red hands. The connecting and intertwining hexagon outlines invoke the same level of unease as they do in the film's famous tracking shots.

  • Product Name: BE@RBRICK The Shining 1000%
  • Series: The Shining
  • Manufacturer: Medicom Toy Corporation
  • Specifications: Painted & articulated plastic figure
  • Height (Approx.): 700mm | 27.6"

About The Shining

The Shining is a 1980 horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. The story begins when aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance agrees to take a job as a winter caretaker for a hotel. He brings his wife, Wendy, and troubled son, Danny, against his wife's wishes. Upon arriving at the hotel, Jack and his family start to discover supernatural happenings over time. The Shining explores themes of isolation, insanity, and the passage of time.

The film opened to mixed reviews. Critics praised Nicholson's performance as Jack and the atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel. However, they criticized the inconsistent role of the supernatural as well as the movie's slow pace. Stephen King famously disproved the film adaptation of his novel. His greatest source of dissatisfaction came from the changes made to the main character, Jack Torrance. As with most Kubrick films, future reviews of the film assessed it more favorably. Since the year 2000, critics have appraised The Shining as one of the greatest horror movies and American films of all time.

About Kubrick's Set Design

Two of director Stanley Kubrick's defining features are his strong sense of cinematography and the importance of set design. Both made The Shining one of his most memorable and impactful films. Notable elements include the tracking shots of Danny on his tricycle and scene frames that expose the impossible layout of the Overlook Hotel. The hexagonal patterned carpet throughout the hotel both unifies the setting and visually unsettles the viewer. The ultra-recognizable pattern now serves as a symbol of the film overall and appears as a reference in horror-related media.

Important The Shining Characters

The two central figures at the madness in the Overlook Hotel are the protagonist, Jack Torrance, and his son, Danny.

Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance is the story's protagonist, portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the film. In both the novel and film, Jack is an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic. King openly admits the semi-autobiographical details in Jack's characterization at the time of writing. After Jack accepts a job as the winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, he begins a descent to madness. Jack repeatedly encounters ghosts in the Hotel who claim he's worked there before and try to "reclaim" him. The prolonged isolation and interaction with the supernatural cause Jack to lose his sanity entirely. He snaps and turns violently against his family in the film's stressful climactic scene. In the end, Jack dies in the hotel, implied that he was reclaimed as the spirits wished.

Danny Torrance

Danny Torrance is Jack and Wendy Torrance's five-year-old son. At the beginning of the film, Wendy seeks help regarding Danny's odd behavior and imaginary friend, Tony. In actuality, Danny possesses psychic abilities and Tony is a supernatural entity that channels messages to him. The Hotel's head chef communicates telepathically with Danny telling him about their shared powers. He calls their ability "the shining" and warns Danny about the Hotel's "shine" as well. While living at the Hotel, Danny has frequent visions of the evil spirits living there and the word "redrum:" murder spelled backwards. Danny and his mother escape the Hotel, surviving his father's attacks.


BE@RBRICK The Shining: Poster Ver. 100% & 400% Set
BE@RBRICK The Shining 1000%