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OtapediaWaresho! Warera! Shodobutsu Aigo Iinkai

Alternate Title

われしょ! 我ら!小動物愛護委員会


Three girls come from another planet to save the mistreated animals of planet Earth. Black cat Amiru, squirrel Rumi, and rabbit Rie all make their way to Earth but Rie crashes her UFO! Lucky Amiru and Rumi run into Earth girl Minami and together set out to conquer the world!


Waresho! ~Warera! Shodobutsu Aigo Iinkai was due to air in April but has been delayed with no new date currently confirmed.


Rie (Voiced by: Yumi Suzuki)

“Unprecedented troublemaker” Rie is a rabbit girl who has come to conquer the Earth in order to save abused animals.

Amiru (Voiced by: Saki Ishikawa)

Amiru is a black cat girl who was tricked into coming to Earth by Rie who told her they were going on a bus tour. She is extremely negative.

Rumi (Voiced by: Riko Wakana)

Rumi is a squirrel girl who was tricked into coming to Earth by Rie who told her they were going on a trip (and maybe still hasn’t worked out that isn’t true). She’s a bit of an airhead but extremely curious and loves to eat.

Minami (Voiced by: TBA)

Minami is the first Earth girl the extraterrestrials meet. She works in a sweets shop and is a bit shy so she doesn’t have many friends.

International Streaming


Official Link


  • Original Creator/Scriptwriter/Character Designer: Amiru Amakawa
  • Production: Stella Promotion


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